Sunday, January 14, 2007


Holy cats! It's already January 14th!!! Where have I been? Mostly busy with work & getting this house turned into a home. We still have new house smell going on. This is probably a good thing as the alternatives could be less than desirable.

Speaking of less than desirable. . . .we had to retrain our 8 year old dog. . .as in potty train. Somehow, she got the notion to use our unfinished basement as her personal potty place. Good grief! NOT fun. But she retrained quickly. It was really our fault for assuming she would know which door to go to. She has a few more to choose from than at the old house.

The old house. . . it's not ours anymore. . . that is SO STRANGE! I drive past on purpose from time to time & it just feel so weird. I'm not sad about it. . .maybe I will be in the summer when we still have no stinking grass here. . . but for now I'm not sad about that. Then again, I'm still kind of numb from all of the events around Christmas. I think I'm still in auto pilot.

I didn't get holiday cards out this year. But I just got my order in for our winter greetings. And I did one of those letters to go along with it this year. I know, WAY too much! Now I need to get copies made so I can mail them out. Oh, and we're finally getting snow. . . however, for the dumping that they have predicted for tonight. . . it's not looking very blustery out there right now. Oops, wrong. . .just wasn't looking in the right direction. It's coming down sideways. So we may finally have snow. For the love of Pete. . .it's Wisconsin & it's January! Last week we were wearing spring jackets. IT'S WISCONSIN & IT'S JANUARY!!! All of that dreaming of a white Christmas BS. . . AHHH! I do really like the snow. I like it to freeze. How else are we going to get rid of all of the bugs & the mold? We have to have a good freeze!!! Ok, done with the rant.

So tomorrow is the start of my vacation. Can you say, "VACATION?" Yeah right! Carter has pink eye & unless a little eye fairy comes & sprinkles magical pixie dust over his crusty, swollen little eyes during the night, I'm not going to be able to bring him to daycare as planned. I know, he is worth it. . . I just should have known. . ..and Spencer will most likely have a snow day tomorrow or at least a delay or let out early. And if that's the case, Parker may as well not go to daycare either. I had it all planned out. I have gift certificates. . . Monday was highlight & cut for my hair & Tuesday was a pedicure & manicure (I've never had either). Wednesday is Carter's surgery so I figured the rest of the week would be taken up with me cuddling him. Oh, and I scheduled a Lia Sophia open house for tomorrow night. So of course it would SNOW! Oh well. Such is life.

So now that I've let off some tension. . .I'm going to bed. Let's see, what pic can I post here???
Here's Carter sitting on the steps. . . he's such a stinker!