Sunday, January 29, 2006

Tomorrow I begin my new job

I'm excited & nervous. Actually, the brain doesn't know the difference between nervousness & excitement - so just tell yourself you're excited & you'll be just fine. I know, little tidbits of knowledge:)

I did do some scrapping this weekend. Not nearly enough in my opinion - but I scrapped! I have to post my page counts yet to my groups. I'm still not purchasing anything scrappy.

Well, it's already 10:30 PM & 5:30 AM is going to creep up fast. I hope Carter decides to sleep a bit longer tonight. He's been wanting the "boo boo" quite a bit lately. That's what we call him wanting to eat from me lately. I know, it's kind of silly. I still can't get him to take a NUK. Oh how I wish he would. I don't mind him nibbling - but he's starting to get a bit curious as to what is going on around him while he's munching. This can make for some very uncomfortable situations for me as he twists me every which way. Sorry, I know. Too much information!

To bed I will go. Hope to be keeping up with this blogging thing a bit better from now on.

Wednesday, January 11, 2006

Is there black on this page?

Just testing. . .I'm having technical difficulties since I loaded a couple of pics:(

Hey, I figured this picture thing out! Yay for me! This is a shot of us on Christmas Eve I think. . . I'm not looking all that snazzy but at least the boys are cute! My hair is all up & I look like I have a weird haircut. Trust me, it's very long & kind of out of control right now.
Merry Christmas Posted by Picasa

My Boys Posted by Picasa

Is this just the cutest little scene? I think so! These poor little snowmen didn't last long in the heat wave we got the next days. I'm sure we'll have more snow. . .it's WI!

The battle of the bugs!

Our house was not spared from the dastardly (is that a word?) stomach bug that is "going around." By the way, every virus goes around. . .that's what viruses do. It's their job. If they stood in one spot they wouldn't even be known about. Now that we have that out of the way. .

I AM NOT GOING TO GET IT! Either is Carter. We've decided that we're not going to submit to it. Not gonna do it! Parker had it one night. Spencer had it a couple nights later. Scott got it the night after that. Guess who was going to die when he had it??? You guessed it, the oldest child, my 31 (almost 32) year old! I clearly recall him saying to me while he dry heaved into the porcelain god, "I think I need a doctor." HA! What is a doctor going to do for you? Not a whole heck of a lot they can do for you when you have that crud. I told him that all they'd do is stick an IV in him (which he hates) and hydrate him. Possibly, they would even wait to do that & instead try compazine rectally. THAT changed his mind pretty quickly! Tee hee, I'm so mean.

Anyway, I can assure you that he survived & will continue to survive. I can also assure you that if the tables were turned & it were me that was ill - HE would not stay home from work to take care of me. NOPE! He'd go to work, send the kids to daycare & probably call his mother over to take care of me. Which, by the way, would really tick me off. Don't get me wrong, my mother in law is great! But the last person you really want taking care of you when you feel miserable is your MIL! (OK, maybe you wouldn't want that really hot - oh forget it.)

Anyway, he's at work today & barely hanging on.


The job thing isn't confirmed yet. This bothers me as they know the buy out is a must & they need to fill the spot. Am I confusing you yet? I forget what I blogged about this issue. I work for a staffing agency. I work through said agency at Aurora Baycare (ABMC). Labor & Delivery has a .9 day 12 hour shift available to which I applied. ABMC has to buy out my contract with the agency before I can be hired. I hate waiting.

Baby is awake! Time to cater to his wishes:)

Sunday, January 08, 2006

I'm getting a full time job

I've applied for a full time nursing job in Labor & Delivery at a local hospital. The complication is that I currently work for an agency & the hospital has to negotiate a buy out. Sounds so funny, doesn't it? I'm keeping my fingers crossed. It's time for me to get in the groove of working so that we can plan to build a home on the land we have. We're aiming for Spring of 2007. It's much easier to take going back to working full time when there is a goal in mind.

Carter is changing so much everyday. That makes me happy & sad. Happy because he is becoming more interactive & sad because he is growing so quickly. He's my last baby. Maybe that's why I'm hoping for a position in Labor & Delivery. . .then I can get my baby fix at work.

Gotta go, the feeding frenzy begins!