Tuesday, December 23, 2008

FREE Diamond Stud Earrings Anyone???

I spend WAY too much time bloghopping. . . but sometimes it pays off! Check out THIS GIVEAWAY & you could win free diamond stud earrings!!! Or you could win them & give them to me! Just in case you're reading this thru the note on Facebook. . .it's www.aordinarylife.com for the blog. . .you might have to scroll down. . .

Jennifer B

Monday, December 22, 2008


This will be random ~ so you've been forewarned. . .
  • HOLY Motherload of Tutorials! Go here! No kidding. . . Lots of links. Again, why sleep when you can blog hop & get lots of ideas floating thru your mind???
  • I have some finished projects that I plan to snap a pic of tonight & post to Peeky Boos. . . so be sure to check back later. {At this point - kids are fed & not causing bodily harm to one another yet. . . but Scott is out of commission with the pukey sickies so I'm on my own}
  • Still have to shop for My Mom & Dad ~ What the heck to get for people who basically go out & buy whatever they want or need for themselves right away? I'm going to have to get creative here. . . I have ideas. .
  • Some shopping to do for the meal ~ which I'm hosting ~ yeah - me. . . 'nuf said!
  • Cleaning lady comes tomorrow. . . so I have to clean for her tonight. . crazy how that works!
  • HAVE to finish teachers' gifts tonight. . . daycare gifts will wait until next week. . . that's OK, right?
  • I'm totally sold on Young Living Essential Oils! Love them! My house smells so nice.
  • Time to go finish stuff. . .remember - check Peeky Boos later. . .

Jennifer B

Wednesday, December 10, 2008

One with the Music

Have you ever heard a song & then couldn't get enough of it? That's how I am. . . I take a song in & kind of become one with it. . . can't get enough of it. That's how the song "Come on Get Higher" by Matt Nathanson is for me right now. . . He performs it & Sugarland also has recorded their version on their Deluxe Fan Edition of their new album. LOVE this song! It's mesmerizing to me. Another song that has done this for me in the past. . . Nickelback's Far Away. You can listen to these songs on Playlist.com . . . here's my playlist: http://view.playlist.com/11061444107/standalone I think you can access it from here . .

Go now ~ Be One with the Music!

Jennifer B

Saturday, December 06, 2008

Yup, no title. . . couldn't remember how to make one up. Oh, could that be because I have SO MUCH to do that I'm doing NOTHING???? Yup, could be. I'm a great ProCrastinaTor!!! Thank you very much. . . .

I would love to tell you that my Christmas shopping is done, that my decorations are up, that my tree is even purchased. . .let alone up, that my baking is at least planned & that my meal is delagated for Christmas brunch. . . but I can't lie. . . none of it is done. And what am I doing? Blog surfing.
Hey, I AM done applying to Grad School. It is up to the Admissions Committee at Gonzaga (think Basketball) University as to whether I will begin my Masters in Nursing this January. Actually, they are still probably waiting to hear what miserable score I got on my MAT. (BTW, that test is just downright silly. How does that test help to determine how well I will do teaching prospective nursing students? It's the 21st Century, people!)
I have a date tonight! We go out together monthly, time permitting. Tonight is the night. We have a gift card to Gratzies ~ and I've never been there. We usually go out & come home after the babysitter has gotten the boys to bed. Hey, if we're going to pay a sitter. . .they may as well do the big bedtime task, right?
Scott is going to the Packer game tomorrow. Maybe I'll get some of my crafy Christmas gifts at least worked on then??? Yeah, probably not. . . Don't know what the weather holds. . .but it's bound to be FRIGID which means the boys will be inside & seeking entertainment. I can attempt some craftiness. .. but it will more than likely be interrupted. That's OK. We do love watching the game together.

So, I hope to get a few crafted/sewn items completed for gifts. I love the crowns, capes & super hero ideas for my youngest & my nephew. My niece needs a new dolly blanket. My MIL might get a quilt IF I can get it done by then. . .otherwise, she might end up getting that for Mother's Day. Which reminds me, MY OWN MOTHER should probably get one for then too. I would also LOVE to get a quilt done for each of my boys during the next year. Do you think I can pull that off? Hmmm. . . we'll see. I really like the idea of having them help in some way. Oh, did I mention that I'd like to paint the boys' rooms sometime too? They have just beige walls & it's so boring. Maybe I'll call on the Manic mood. . . (no, I'm not bipolor) so I can get things done. I have high hopes. . .but not a very good plan. I need to plan for all of this. Then I'll get it done. . .right?. . .right....
I'm going to make a list right now. . . if only I could find my desk. . . .

Everything Your Mama Made Blog

I found this blog today while procrastinating ~ (lots of laundry to fold & put away) ~ and it has a TON of links for things that I will probably have to check out & maybe try. This isn't going to help my desire to get adequate sleep. . .but oh well! Check it out if you have time ~ or if you just want to procrastinate from your Mt. Laundry:)

Jennifer B

Friday, December 05, 2008

SALE & giveaways!


This is a cool new little shop & it has LOADS of awesome fabric & patterns & fabric & patterns. . . sorry, I'm still drooling because I just did a little "Santa" shopping for myself:) Gotta love that! Go check it out. 25% off is a great bargain!!!

Jennifer B

Thursday, December 04, 2008

If I see one more word verification.. .

it will be ONE too many! I spent a good part of last night checking out all of the awesome giveaways offered by Sew, Mama, Sew blog. HOLY CRAP People!!! This was FUN but also a LOT of work to click here & there & everywhere. All I can say is HOLY CRAP the talent that exists is INCREDIBLE! I've been inspired! Now I need to go back to a few of the blogs for more inspiration & ideas. We are truly blessed to have so much information at our fingertips.

I have TONS of laundry to do. Note to self: buy better night time diapers for the potty trainer! I feel like I've been washing bedding all week! Oh, that's right! I HAVE been! For the LOVE!!!

To all of you who hit every link in the giveaway, foregoing sleep - I'm with ya! Tired & reaching for the extra coffee servings today. Now I must go find my son. . . . he is somewhere amidst the laundry that needs to be folded & put away.

Have a GREAT ONE!!!

Jennifer B