Monday, August 24, 2009

I'm still alive

I'm the worst updater there is in blog land. I've been busy with all that life throws at me. . .and have pictures of things. . .but just have not made the time to update this thing. I don't have the pics on my laptop yet, but here's a list of what I've been doing:

finished my advanced pathophysiology class (and passed! Yay!)
teaching breastfeeding basics class
updated Preparing for Labor, Birth & Beyond class & teaching it
trying to enjoy what is left of summer with my boys
making pepper jelly
planning to make salsa & spaghetti sauce & then canning!!!
getting ready for school to start for the boys & for me again next week. . .UGH!
thinking of all of the sewing projects I'd love to get going. . .
trying to organize all that is disorganized (which is a LOT!) before school begins

Yup, that is just skimming the surface. . . so we've been busy. Oh, let's not forget working. . . and rocking these braces with newly added big old rubber bands to make me miserable. Hopefully I'll get pictures up on here to show you the fruits of my garden! Loving that! Just wish those tomatoes woudl all be ready so I could develop my spaghetti sauce & can it before next week. . .oh well! When life throws you tomatoes. . . yeah, never mind. .

I'll motivate soon!