Thursday, September 29, 2005

He's Home

Scott got home last night. I survived since Sunday being a single mom of 3 boys under 5!!! You know, I realize I COULD do it if I had to - but I wouldn't want to. There is no way I'd ever catch up with laundry!

I also realize that having a baby that is just a couple of weeks old isn't the easiest thing to do on your own when you have 2 other children who are fairly young yet themselves.

I may have to return to work in just a couple short weeks. Our finances are just not looking good. I was off for 2 weeks prior to having Carter - so I've been off for 4 1/2 weeks already now. It's killing our checkbook. I was so hoping to be able to be off for longer. Oh well. I must do what I must do. I can start out by taking the 4 hour shifts at Urgent Care. They'll be from 4 PM til 8PM - so Scott will be able to be home. I'm not sending Carter to daycare until I absolutely have to.

I've also decided that I'm not bringing him to Well Baby checks with the MD. I bring him to the chiropractor & I can check his weight there. Since we're not vaccinating him & he is thriving, there is no reason to go to the MD. I know many people have differing opinions on this. And I don't want to start a huge debate on this blog - but this being my 3rd child. I've kind of got this figured out. The doctor was making me feel very inadequate last week. I don't see the need to subject myself to that kind of stress. And, they're always running late! It's a waste of my time & since I ensure his well being in many other ways - we're all good.

Speaking of the little man. . .he's got his days & nights mixed up! Unfortunately, this will take a bit to remedy. It happened with the other 2 as well. You know what they say. . .never wake a sleeping baby. But he is so cute:) I just adore him. I want to cherish every moment.

Spencer & Parker are having some adjustment issues I think. They love him dearly - that's good. They just get a little bent out of shape that Mom's attention is not completely on them.

Speaking of the other 2 - they're now home. I need to run to the post office. Good! I can go by myself!

Talk to you later.

Wednesday, September 28, 2005

Something New!

I don't know if it was sleep deprivation or just being goofy - but I started something new. Check out this site: I decided to sign up for Stuff A Friend. This is very similar to Build a Bear if you have ever heard of that.

Should be interesting. I'm still a Pampered Chef - and I don't intend to stop that. I am open to other direct sales things as well. Stuff A Friend only allows one consultant per town so I thought I'd check it out before someone else in my town beat me to it. I can allow others if I want - but I like to be in the driver's seat:)

Maybe it will allow me to stay off of work a little longer. Probably not - because I already should go back. That's a bummer for me as Carter is only 2.5 weeks old. We just really need my income.

Ok, Scott is home now. Time to get at some of that laundry that needs folding so I can find my bedroom!

Saturday, September 24, 2005

Sleep? What's that?

Last night was hell. Little man decided that I wouldn't get to sleep last night - like at all. This is the part about being the food source that is incredibly difficult. I'm temptrd to do the pumping only thing - but that is actually more inconvenient for me during the day. I have the milk all ready as is & no need for bottles!

So anyway - I'm sure I ate something that didn't agree with him. He has never fussed that much! I need to be a good girl from here on out to keep me & him feeling good.

Not likely that I'll be attending Scott's cousin's wedding tonight. Scott can go with the 2 older ones. I'm sure there will be some disappointment from that on behalf of my in laws - but you can't please everyone. Besides, I think they can understand not coming 12 days after giving birth. Of course, Scott thinks I should be able to do it. I'm just thinking that it's not worth the stress.

Okey dokey - time for ME to eat.

By the way - STILL unable to figure out how to get pics on here!!!!

Friday, September 23, 2005

Trying the picture thing

I hope these show up! My little men holding the newest member of our family:) Priceless!

11 DAYS already!

Wow! Carter is 11 days old already! What a blur. He's doing great. I'm still adjusting to the sleep deprivation, breast engorgement & soreness & being the Mom of 3 boys. While it's the biggest joy in my life, it's also one of the biggest challenges right now. We're not exactly financially set right now & being unable to produce much income is quite a stressor for me. I don't want to wish the time away at all. This is our last baby so I really want to enjoy it to the fullest.

The 2 older boys are at daycare today. Yesterday was so challenging as it was raining so they were stuck in the house all day for the most part. Spencer is having some adjustment issues I think. He has been touchy over the past week. I'm sure it's because of all of these transitions. They are so sensitive to these things at these ages. I try to spend special time with all of the boys, but of course, most of my time is needed with Carter. I try to incorporate the older boys' help whenever possible to make them feel part of this. Sometimes that works great.

Scott is also preparing to be gone for a few days for work. I know the boys are anxious about that. I am as well. While I have help if needed, I don't like to call on people for it all that much. I know I should. I guess part of it is that I don't really want to be on their schedules. You know how that is when you ask for help but really would like it between this time & this time?? Then when the person you ask is only available for another time frame you kind of get thrown off anyway??? I hate to inconvenience someone else, however, if I need the help during a certain time that's when I need it. OK, enough whining.

I knew that energy spurt I got earlier this week wouldn't last long! Not to mention, we're running WAY low on food here. I just need to rest - and during the time the older boys are at daycare, I don't exactly want to run to get groceries. If I do an errand during this time I get no rest at all. Then when I pick them up it's go time again. Scott has to work until at least 6 PM tonight & then he returns for 7 AM tomorrow. This next week will prove to be my most challenging.

I have so many more thoughts going through my brain right now. But I should really go nap!

Saturday, September 17, 2005


Carter Alan Borley was born on Monday, September 12th at 4:32 PM. He came fast & furious after 4 hours of labor with only 10 minutes of pushing (wow!).

He weighed 8 pounds, 4 ounces. Measured 20 1/2 with head at 34 - of course, he figured that wasn't quite wide enough & decided to come out with his hand on his forehead! The thinker.

He is a good baby. Spencer & Parker are very proud big brothers. I hope I figure out how to add pics to this blog soon so that I can share how cute they all are.

Time for me to sleep. He'll be hungry again before long.

Saturday, September 10, 2005

Jen Posted by Picasa

Happy Anniversary Mom & Dad

My parents have been married for - oh my gosh, I forgot how many years - today! I'm thinking it's 39 years. I think if it were 40 they'd be having some sort of celebration - so it must be 39.

Mom thinks it would be a good day for this little man to be born. I told her I'd try to accomodate but couldn't make any promises. Considering it's only 2:05 AM - I've got time.

Why am I awake? Hmm. . .must be my body's way of preparing me for what's ahead with late night feedings. I had to feed myself, of course:) There are 2 little men & one big man sleeping in my bed right now. . .oh, and the dog. Can't forget her. It was getting a bit crowded so I'll have to wake Scott to relocate the 2 little men when I go in there.

I feel like creating somemore scrappy things. I took part in a Friday Night Challenge for one of my scrappy groups tonight. I haven't done that in a while. It felt great & now I can't turn off the creative flow. That is a good thing - and a bad thing. Good because it's so darn fun & it's about time I get some creativity going. Bad because now it's always on my mind. Can't say it's the only thing on my mind because we all know what is on my mind right now!!!

GO TOWARDS THE LIGHT! I am so excited to meet this little man! Anytime now really is just fine & good. I've simmered down on cutting the lawn. I did use the riding lawn mower yesterday on our lawn. I'm a bit uncoordinated with that thing & ended up hitting a couple things:( Oops! Nothing too major though. The bumpy ride didn't move things along at all:( I'm thinking in the morning I might have to go cut the lawn at the rental again with the push mower. It can't hurt!

Well, I suppose I should try to get some sleep. Or, I might have to spend some time creating:)

Thursday, September 08, 2005

A Bit less anxiety

Had my doctor appt today. Still pretty much the same. I'm a good 2 cm now instead of 1-2cm. Forgot to ask if I'm any more effaced. But I go in Monday morning to get things rolling so I'm much more relaxed than I have been. I'm also much more comfortable today. I think maybe the weather has something to do with that. Seriously, we got a good rain yesterday & I'm sure the atmospheric pressure has something to do with it. I know, I can be kind of strange.

I hope to get some things done this weekend. We have our block party on Sunday. My parents' anniversary is Saturday. Mom thinks I should have this little man on Saturday. I'm for it if it happens. We'll see!

I hope to be able to figure out how to add pics to this blog soon. I have pics of me mowing our neighbor's lawn the other day. Not the most attractive pics of me. . .but oh well!

Okey dokey. Almost time to pick up the boys.

Tuesday, September 06, 2005

Is it Happening?

OK, so now I have had what I thought was real labor start & stop yet again! I didn't go in this time. . .but I was close to heading to the hospital. 4 minutes apart lasting at least 1 minute each for about 30 minutes. Then when I finally decide to get someone over here to watch the boys & my dh is on the way home. . .they stop! AAAAHHHHHH!

So now I wait yet again!

This little man will have QUITE the story told in his scrapbook!

We'll see what happens tonight!

Sunday, September 04, 2005

Still here - STILL pregnant

I talked to the little one this morning. I told him that we can't wait to meet him & would really like it if he would come on out today. With all of the commotion in our lives lately I can't blame him for wanting to stay inside. Between taking care of the rental & the catastrophe that our last tenant left & the boys going through exceptionally whiney times - add onto that the disaster happening in our country in the South - he's probably scared.

Yesterday was pretty uneventful contractions wise - not so the night before. I was awake most of the night with contractions 4 to 5 minutes apart but they only lasted 30 seconds. This went on for several hours. I was eventually able to sleep but could still feel them.

Then in the morning, they subsided. Glad we didn't go rushing to the hospital.

Today the plan is to get the laundry put away - as we have tons to do - & then get the rest of the stuff done at the rental. I guess Scott's parents might take the boys to their campground to play. We're so hoping to get things rolling with this little guy.

I'll keep you all updated as things progress (because they WILL progress).

Thursday, September 01, 2005

It's Go time ANYTIME Now

Tell that to my cervix! It is not budging! I keep saying to this little man, "Go toward the light!" He isn't cooperating - OR, he's trying, but the door is still kind of bolted.

Scott came home from work to bring me to the doctor - who's office is right in the hospital. Glad I didn't go to Labor & Delivery. Don't need any unneccesary bills right now. Dr. Winburn was sympathetic - saying I was most likely in Latent Labor & it could progress at any time or linger for a couple weeks. ACK! No way Jose' - NOT going to linger long. She gave me methods of stimulating oxytocin - I won't go into too much detail here but a big one involves Scott.

So I am at home once again. .. . . .waiting. . . .considering hiring out my services to mow the neighborhood's lawns. Heck, I think I can come up with something else now. My floors should probably get scrubbed. The little guys are still gone - my neighbor picked them up from daycare & took them on a bike ride. They're not home yet so we're here alone. Might need to work on one of those methods:)

My mother was so sure I was in labor. I guess deep down I knew it wouldn't be the real thing yet. As much as I want it to be - I figured there has to be much stronger pain involved before it's real. Boy is he working on my pelvis though! Not kidding, I think he's springing off of it!

Oh, thought I'd share this: I finished mowing the backyard this morning - and Scott was going to get me on the camcorder mowing the lawn as part of this little man's first tape - well, he put the tape in & the thing jammed up. So now we don't have a useable camcorder!!! We stopped at Best Buy - where we bought it 4 years ago in June - & they charge $55 just to send it out!! Of course, the manufacturer's warantee expired in JUNE! I swear they put timers on these things to self destruct as soon as the warantee expires. It's a conspiracy.

I must go work on something. Sitting is driving me crazier!