Monday, September 26, 2011


Too much to update. . .
  • Scott has been working for Fox Valley Technical College since Spring. 
  • I graduated with my MSN!!!  So good to be done with school (for now).
  • The boys played soccer this summer & it was a blast watching them.  3 teams = 4 nights of soccer.
  • Football season is here!  Spencer & Parker are playing Pop Warner Football on the same team ~ tackling ~ very exciting to watch.
  • Carter started flag football with Scott as his coach!  It's so fun to see him having fun. . . and Carter likes it too :)
  • Almost forgot - all 3 of my boys are in school all day this year.  They are getting used to the schedule.
  • I am teaching for Fox Valley Technical College's nursing program as adjunct faculty.  Learning a new system has been interesting & challenging.  I am enjoying the opportunity.
  • I am also still teaching with Northeast Wisconsin Technical College this semester. 
  • I am in search of my "big girl job."  Now that I'm done with school, I really want a place to call my home.  While I enjoy the diversity of teaching for multiple places, I know that I can make a bigger impact within a nursing program if I am able to be part of the team.  Praying for good news in that area.  God has a plan.
There is SO much more to share. . .but I am ready for bed.  I've been neglecting the blog. . . but now that facebook has messed with the format again, I might be back here more often.

Jennifer B