Sunday, March 23, 2008

Plastic Packaging!!!!

Plastic packaging. . .you know the type. . . with the heat sealed edges??? Not the SOFT packaging, the hard, cannot rip open type. . . it's royally pissing me off lately. I've incurred multiple cuts to my hands & fingers as a result of trying to open these crazies. I can't take it anymore. I might start a petition. . HA! Or maybe I should sue for physical harm & emotional distress. I mean, really. . . how much protection do these things need? Why not just put a lock & key on them or inbed an ink torpedo in them for anti shoplifting protection?

I digress. . . anyway. I opened the Tag-a-long that I thought was such a screamin' deal from Shopko the other day. I really don't see myself using this much - probably as much as the Quickutz that I have. . . which is just about never. It's all good in theory. . but when you have to cut your paper to that small of a width & mess around with all of the parts. . plus you have to purchase different dies to put through it. I just don't see myself using it. I might have to sell it. I should sell my Quickutz too.

Happy Easter. I need to get to bed. I work Monday & Tuesday. . .so I'll get back here soon.

Wednesday, March 19, 2008


I'm regretting the GS incident last night. Getting out of bed this morning was NOT an easy task. Now whether that is from the aches in my body from the great Wii workout on Monday or the cookies taking their toll. . .I'm not sure. But either way, it's workout day again! I'm being sidelined slightly by my almost 6 year old, Parker, who is home today not feeling so great. I think he may need a little Mom time more than he's ill. . .but that's OK. Right now he & Carter (2) are watching a Pokemon movie in the living room. That's where the Wii is. . .so I need to occupy myself with other "important" duties like blogging.

I also have to fill out my NWTC application online today. I've kind of been hired already to sub for clinicals in OB - just need to officially apply now. Tee hee. Love the backwardness of it all. I'm excited to do this. Scott is excited because he really wants me to get out of the 12 hour shift work & into teaching somewhere with State benefits. What a dreamer! I'd need to get working on my Master's degree. . . not sure I'm ready for that yet. I love being a labor & delivery nurse. And as long as I get my body back in shape I should be able to perform my duties for quite a while yet. Wouldn't want to get too soft!

Maybe I'll get to work on some of my creations today! I have so many pieces of fabric either in jeans/corduroy form or pieces I've collected. . . they need some sewing action! I also need to alter a couple of tops so that I don't need to keep yanking on them to keep my bra from showing! Oh the joys! Maybe I just need bigger boobs! Ha!

Tuesday, March 18, 2008


I was doing so well!!!! And then I had to open the freezer. . . . Girlscout Cookies!!!! And not just ANY Girlscout Cookies. . . . Thin Mints!! And they're frozen!!!! Isn't that the only way these should ever be consumed? Holy Hell, there goes my "good eating." I've already devoured half a row & I see no end in sight. I'm trying to fend them off. . .but my defenses are low & my hand just keeps reaching over for another & another & another. OMG! I am going to die!
And so I start my little techniques to try to consume less. I take a small bite off the edge of one & set it down. . .take another small bite & put it down. . . WHO AM I TRYING TO KID, PEOPLE???? This is a full blown, highly vicious, cunningly calculated conspiracy. How can I compete with such dastardly design??? (By the way, I have no idea if dastardly actually fits there. . .just sounded good with the "d" sounds.) Oh crap, another thin mint is in my mouth! I'm so WEAK!!!! Somebody save me!!! All of the Wii boxing in the world isn't going to counteract this tomorrow.

And I happened to see a box of those coconut & chocolate cookies. . .I always forget the name now that they've changed it. I think they were Samoas at one time or another. Why did they change it? I don't get it. Again, it's another conspiracy I'm sure of it. But whatever the heck they're called, I'm thinking I might have to try one. . .or two. . Hell, I may as well just eat them all in one sitting. It would be saving the kids from eating them & me from the aftermath of them eating them. . .which is pure agony in & of itself. They go nuts. So if I eat them all right now I might be able to fall asleep fast from the sugar low that follows the probable sugar high (thus leading to a catastrophic collection of fat on my lower regions.. . wish it would collect in the breast tissue only. . .but that isn't my situation!)

It's 10 PM. . .WHAT THE HECK!? Of course the coffee I drank at 4 PM is still working. How is it that at 7 AM I can drink all the coffee in the world & still feel tired? (Nevermind the incessant shaking & heart palpitations & oh, the nonstop urination that occurs secondary to such actions.) But at 4 PM I can drink one blasted cup of diluted coffee & at 10 PM (when the 6 hour half life is OVER!) I still feel wide awake & perky? Of course, DH is able to fall asleep 5 minutes after drinking full strength, thick as molassas, Starbucks. Then again, don't most husbands fall asleep within 5 minutes of most things?? Tee hee, just kidding:) But then again, NOT!
Now to find those other cookies. . . there is still half a row left of the Thin Mints. . .I mean 1 and a half rows!

Yeah, still Samoas. But unless I want to work on breaking another tooth I should use caution with eating these babies frozen. (broken tooth? Yeah, broke a tooth on a frozen cookie at work when I was first working there. Duh, thaw it out first!)

Good! Only ate one of those. Now I had better get my butt ready for bed so I can take advantage of my insulin dump. I need to STEP AWAY FROM THE GIRLSCOUT COOKIES!!!!

Blue Corduroy

Here is my Blue Corduroy Creation. I didn't follow a pattern for this. I just winged it. The lining & belt are made from leftovers that I had from a skirt from last summer. The handles are made from a pant leg. I had some issues with the lining being too big so I had to adjust it. All of the pockets are usable & this comes in handy for keys & my cell phone. Where do you usually put your keys? The front right pocket! I have mine on a carabeener (sp?) so I hook them on the belt loop & put the keys in the pocket. Cell phone goes in the left front pocket & the back pockets I use if I have a coupon or what not that I don't want to go digging for later. Back pockets are also great places for business cards!

I would have liked to bling this up a bit. . .but didn't have anything on hand at the time. It's simple but sometimes that is a good thing. I think my next creation will be a more contrasting for the liner & belt. Let me know what you think:)

Sunday, March 16, 2008

Been Busy but I Got Big Plans

I've been surfing through other blogs & see so many amazing artists in the sewing world out there. I still didn't take a pic of my newest bag. . .which isn't very new anymore. . .but I do get some compliments on it. I used light blue corduroys to make a bootie bag. . . and it is cute. I think I need to get adventurous though. I need to get flashy with the colors & the design. I have so much stuff & just need to USE IT! What am I waiting for?

I am going to use my stuff. . . and not wait for a "better project." I need to get my butt in gear & get doing what I have been putting off. I know, it's kind of late for New Year's Resolutions. . .but I don't really do those anyway. It's more like time to kick myself in the @$$ with just about everything. You can read about my weight loss efforts in my other blog:

I will do my best to keep this updated. I will actually post my blog link so others can read it if they want to!!!!

Wish me luck!

Thursday, March 06, 2008


Another year, another birthday. . .what to do today? I am kid free & work free today. . . What should I do? I could sew, scrapbook, shop. . . shop for sewing stuff. . . Hmmm, I think I shall ponder this while I shower to loud music & flat iron my hair. I should get a pic of my new hairdo on here. It's WAY different than my old do.

I was scoping other blogs last night. WOW, can I just say how impressed I am with the talent that is out there? The blogs alone are amazing let alone the work that is showcased on them. My goal is to get my blog to be as cool and worthy as those. I have a lot of learning to do. My journey begins. . .hmm, perhaps something for me to start today??? We'll see. Shopping sounds somewhat nice. Maybe I will ask my dear Mother to join me. We do want to get some purses made for craft fairs. . .

OK, wish me luck with my newly 33 year old self today! (Who am I kidding? Nobody reads this yet!)