Sunday, August 31, 2008

More than I can chew. . .

I did it again. . .or almost did it again. . .bitten off more than I can chew that is. I think I get a little manic at a certain part in my cycle or something when I believe I can take on the world. I could not fall asleep last night. . . seriously. . .I saw 4:20 AM without even dozing off slightly. . . and I was VERY irritated. Of course, this only makes things worse. I had grandiose plans to get things done today as I taught the Prep for Labor class all day yesterday. We did enjoy some campfire time last night as a family. That is good. I'm of low to no productivity today. Of course, there is always COFFEE! I've already consumed a cup & a half. . .

And then I decided to work on some finger knitting. See Peeky Boos for that accomplishment.

I think my insomnia from last night is due to my growing anxiety about starting so many new things this fall. School for the boys starts Tuesday. Flag football begins end of Sept. I start teaching a nursing clinical 3rd week of Sept so that means working my two twelves plus teaching 2 eights & then grading papers & what not. New role for me. . . nervous & excited & scared. I am working on my first ever quilt & really want to have it completed for a baby shower gift. The shower is the 3rd weekend in September. (See a pattern to my anxiety here yet???) Wait, there's more! I considered beginning my Master's program October 27th. . .which would mean taking the MAT now & getting my admissions material in before September 12th. As if that's not enough. . . . I have one set of Grandparents left & we just found out that my Grandpa has cancer. . . . we'll see what the prognosis is this week. That, along with my Uncle's passing in July, my Great Aunt passing shortly before that. . . . & life in general. . . . I think I've taken on a bit TOO MUCH!

So today I made the decision to go with my original plan to begin my Master's in January. I know, this is still a lot to take on. But does life ever really slow down?? Probably not. I will just have a better grip on things by then. . .at least I had BETTER! It will be a wild ride:) I look forward to the challenge!

Saturday, August 30, 2008

Check out MommyMandy

Mommy Mandy Birthday Party!You'll want to make sure you visit this site next week. I know I will be. . .

Monday, August 25, 2008

Time to Light a Fire under my ARSE!

Sorry for being so terse (like that word? Me too.) But I really DO need to light that proverbial fire. I HAVE to get stuff done. So I must make a TO DO List & start crossing off!!!
In no particular order (because that would require more time):
1. Clear out top 2 shelves of hall closet to make room for my scrappy stuff that needs to get out of my office. Done! but I could use the whole closet!
2. Move Scrappy Stuff as mentioned above (no kidding, this needs it's own spot on the list.) started! I'm running out of space!!!
3. Organize bills. Pay bills:(
4. Clear off desk in office.
5. Clear floor in office - see #2 above for part of this. again, started. . .
6. Organize sewing stuff - see #5 for part of this as well as consider moving this entirely to basement work area. . . which require yet another. . .
7. Make a spot in basement for sewing. . . maybe.
8. Make trip to the Restore to scope out possible cabinets/islands for #7.
9. Work on & finish quilt I started for gift.
10. If #9 works out well - do another one for another gift.
11. Get application materials in for Grad school.
12. Go through boys' closets/drawers to determine clothing needs for school year.
13. Make sure all school supplies are ready.
14. Daycare schedule to daycare. woo hoo! done! Check!
15. Buy nice & comfortable shoes for teaching clinicals.
16. Check my wardrobe for potential needs.
17. Freeze more zucchini - why did I plant 6 SEEDS??? They all grew. . .
18. Get pics printed from day on the pontoon boat with Scott's parents.
19. Fix boy #1's favorite blanket.
20. Contact insurance company re: uncovered crap.
21. Buy toothpaste. . . I keep forgetting to get MY kind. (yes, still brushing with other stuff)
22. Laundry, Laundry, Laundry why is this even ON a list? It's never completely done!
23. Dishes, Dishes, Dishes done for today - yay!
24. Hire someone to do my laundry & my dishes. Yeah, right!
25. Prepare for teaching clinicals.
26. Study for BLS recert.
27. Purchase boy #3's birthday present & plan his party.
28. Enjoy the last week of summer vacation with my boys! Most Important!!!

Sunday, August 24, 2008

Finger Knitting???

OMG!! I used to do this when I was Much Much Younger. Have you ever finger knitted? I never realized that it could be THIS advanced! OK, so I was only a one row finger knitter. You have to go check out the link to see what I'm talking about. Hmmm. . . like I NEED another item to add to my "I want to try this" list!!! Hey, I could use this to keep my little boys busy:)

Saturday, August 23, 2008

Register for THIS Giveaway for sure!

Simple Mom has done it again! You NEED to go HERE and register for this giveaway. It's a basket FULL of wonderful things. Go there. . . now! Just do it.

Friday, August 22, 2008

Apple Orchard Overalls GIVEAWAY !!!!!!!

Apple Orchard Overalls GIVEAWAY !!!!!!!

Do I need these? Of COURSE I do! Not for MY offspring. . .but I have a lot of friends & family having new little ones soon. How cute are these???

Wednesday, August 20, 2008

ALWAYS question closed bedroom doors with a quiet child. . .

Need I say more? Anyone have a Magic Eraser??? Maybe this one will be the artistic home decorator type??? (By the way, it's my OLDEST who is 7 1/2 years old who did this.) I thought it was strange that he went up to "lay down" this morning. This is light blue highlighter with a small tracing of pink highlighter. Interesting. . .

Sunday, August 17, 2008

This & That & Everything Else

OK, so there are TOO many things to mention in one title today.
First of all - go HERE for a giveaway from The Village Shop. She is giving away a couple really cute quilt patterns.

Second - our Anniversary Date was fantastic. We went to Big Tomatoes in Downtown Green Bay. We had never been there. It is a really cute old building & the food was pretty good. . .but the fantastic part was my "little" surprise from Scott. He gave me an anniversary band!! It's pretty amazing & totally unexpected. Oh, I did have our babysitter snap a picture of us before we went out. . . so there that is. . . I still haven't scanned a wedding picture of us to upload. After dinner we walked along the river in Green Bay & then stopped by Jimmy Seas along the river to listen to the live entertainment. We didn't stay out late.
FRIDAY!!! Wow! We went to the Brown County Fair for a short time with the kiddos in the afternoon. . .then picked up the sitter & brought them home so we could go back for the Rodney Atkins concert. Our seats were FANTASTIC!! Here's a shot of the hunky man.
We had a BLAST after the concert too. There was a local band called Grand Union. They are Fabulous! Their website doesn't really do them justice for their vocals. And the fun??? I felt like a youngster again. A little sore yesterday from dancing. . . . I'm getting too old for this. But I'll keep on trying!!!

Saturday evening we went to see my little brother's new house. They should be moving in within a few weeks. It's a VERY nice house! They are building near Lake Winnebago. . . & the bay flies get a little freaky when you light a bonfire. .. but other than that. . . it's a great spot.

We're heavy into potty training this weekend. I know, this doesn't flow well with the aforementioned topics. . . but it had to be said. This is not easy.

On a better note. . .my garden is totally rocking! Can you say ZUCCHINI??? Holy cow! I have been freezing it, cooking it & giving it away. And there's more to come! Love it! I've even harvested a few tomatoes already. Pumpkins are growing. We have so much fun checking the vines to see what's sprouted out from day to day. I even have CANTALOUPE growing!!! Corn is coming along nicely. Peppers are slowly getting there. . . I hope. I already know that next year's garden needs to be bigger. Scott is not to pleased that I want to take up more real estate with my gardening adventures. I have big plans.

I'm going to have my own clinical group this fall. This is exciting & nerve racking all at the same time. I subbed last semester but this will be my own little group. Whoa! I'll be shaping minds of hopeful nurses to be. Scary thought, huh? So that also means that I will be working my usual two twelve hour shifts a week plus the 2 clinical days. And the clinical is on the floor I work on.

My siblings & I gave our Aunt Kay a Memorial Bench last weekend. Here it is:

It's really hard to believe that Rich has been gone for almost a month already. I think it will become MORE real when the holidays come up. Actually, it will be before that even. . . when the first football game for Ashwaubenon is played. . . I think we're all going to go & wear matching shirts in memory of him. It's still surreal for us. We don't have to come home to him being gone every day like my Aunt Kay does. I don't know how I would be able to do that. But I guess nobody really does know.

I need to get a move on sewing projects for baby gifts. Holy cow! I don't have a ton of time left for some of these people. I'm going to have Scott try to make me an island type table for downstairs. I used our kitchen for cutting my latest project out - with a cutting mat covering the island of course. But I really do think we need to have something similar for downstairs. I think we also need to start to finish the basement off. . .but we'll take this one step at a time. I'm thinking we should frame up the walls for the all purpose room, drywall, plaster & paint. . . put some Pergo flooring in & ta da! Oh, that's right. . .there are other step involved in that. Not to mention the money. . . I guess we'll put that on hold for now:)

Thursday, August 14, 2008

10 YEARS! Wedded Bliss. . .

It's hard to believe that 10 years ago TODAY at this time I was getting my hair & make up done for one of the biggest days of my life. I have pictures to prove it. . .but they're not of the digital era yet. .. so I'll try to track down a picture of me & my honey from now. .. which is not likely because one of us is usually taking the pictures. . .

Anyway. . . Here's our story:
Scott & I were set up on a blind date by a mutual friend. I had just sworn off men for the 50th time (which isn't all THAT impressive except for the fact that I was 21 years old). I was going to just date, just play the field so to speak. Like my Mother said, "You're not married. Why date just one person???" (Shocking, I know!) So Scott shows up to pick me up for our first date. He's nice looking - not as tall as my usual dates - but dark hair, nice deep brown eyes & a small to medium build. As we're walking out the front door to his car he says, & I quote, "Just so you know, I'm not one of those 'big truck' kind of guys." Where did this come from??? I wondered. He opens the door to his red Ford Taurus for me - score one point for the boy!

We went out to the Olive Garden. Conversation was easy. We joked around. He used a coupon! How funny is THAT? We were both in college so hey, a frugal guy. . . not a bad thing. (Funny how he doesn't bother with coupons now which would be totally impressive.) He goes to the bathroom a couple of times. . . I'm thinking, Hmmm. . .is he going to abandon me here??? I've never dated a guy who uses the bathroom more than I do. After dinner we go to a park to walk around. This is nice. I'm thinking, "Wow! He isn't looking to shut me up. He's looking to actually talk more." We hold hands a little bit. . .this is nice. He tells me jokes, we swing on the swings, walk near the river (he didn't push me in. . . good sign). Of course, he'd tell you he told me dirty jokes. . .but I don't think they were dirty. Funny. . . but not dirty.

He brings me back to my duplex & we talk for a while & then he leaves. . . . but he doesn't even TRY to KISS me! This is weird. I had this rule that I don't kiss on the first date. . . but he didn't even TRY!!! What's up with that??? I'm thinking, "CRAP! He doesn't like me. I must not be attractive to him. Man! I really like this guy. . . what did I do wrong?" You know, all the usual crap that floats through a girl's brain after a really awesome date. But then I remember, "Oh, that's right! I have a date with so in so tomorrow night anyway. . . what do I care?" But I cared. . . because so in so was a sleeze ball.

Well, sleeze ball boy stood me up the next night. Figures! So I figure, hmmm. . . why don't I give Scott a call to see what he's up to??? Is that too forward? Is he going to think I'm desperate? Oh, yeah, that's right. . .what do I care??? He's just a guy, right? So I call & he's not home. But he gets the message that I called & he calls me back! YAY! He's out & about with his friend. . . . but he comes over later & we talk for hours. . . . & then, here's the good part, when I go to walk him out. . . . after what seems like hours of 'good-bye, see you again' - he kind of almost asks for permission to give me a kiss! AND WOW! So maybe this playing the field thing isn't going to last long. . . this guy is really nice, really great looking & kisses so sweetly. Plus, he has manners. .. . .oh, and by the way, my friend who set us up. . .she told him about my no kissing on the first date rule. . . . but that's OK. He still didn't try so he gets a point for respecting me.

That's how it all began. Within a year we were engaged & we were married the year after that. Scott is the LOVE of my LIFE! He's my best friend. He's the one who can get under my skin the most. But he is the only one that I want to spend the rest of my life with. I know, mushy gushy. . .but it's true. He's stuck with me!

I guess I'll have to take a picture of a picture for our wedding shot & I'll have someone take a picture of us tonight. . . . we're going to dinner.

Sunday, August 03, 2008

Forming New Habits

I've been inspired by Simple Mom blog - more specifically about forming new habits. I have been doing quite a bit of looking inside myself lately & this has forced me to look outside myself as well. (Did that make sense?)

Just a couple of days ago we instituted the clean up as you go rule found here. I'm tellin' ya. . . this Simple Mom site totally rocks! Go there! Go there now! Read it. It could be life changing. For instance. . . Friday evening after supper everyone helped clean up. We cleaned up everything. . .including the floor. No dishes were left unwashed. (OK, so we did leave the hand washed dishes to air dry. This we won't change.) And guess what? Instead of Mom having to stay inside while the 3 boys & Dad went outside for fun. . .MOM GOT TO JOIN THE FUN! How cool is that? And you know what else? No? Well, I'll tell ya. . . having all of that done before bed & waking up the next morning to no dirty dishes & a CLEAN KITCHEN was FANTASTIC! Saturday was another story during the day. . .but we're a work in progress. So far today we're doing splendidly. (don't you just love the word "splendid?")

We had some dear friends over last night - after the trip to the Urgent Care for Carter's nice little bullseye rash around a bug bite - NICE! (He got his blood drawn to check for lovely Lyme's disease) They so kindly informed me, as I boasted about my awesome garden, that I've been picking my sugarsnap peas a little too early. OOPS! (And thanks to those of you who maybe were thinking the same thing when I posted the pic of them. . .but didn't want to hurt my feelings.) So my skinny, underdeveloped peas that I was so proud of, just need a little time to mature before I snap them off the vines. OK, I get it. . .I just need to be patient! Lessons learned. We had a little chuckle from that. But they were fully impressed that I planted the garden in the first place. They have a wonderful garden that is probably triple the size of mine. They're experienced so I love their tidbits of knowledge.

We put up retractable clothes lines last week. I'm very pleased with this. Ever since I read Lola's blog & saw her mission, I've been inspired. She's also freakin' hilarious & talented. . .so I recommend reading her blog too. You don't really need to sleep, do you? Just blog hop. . . that's what I do. Seriously though, another one of my goals is to try to haul my hiney out of bed a bit earlier everyday (yes, even those non working for money type days) which will, in turn, make me go to bed a bit earlier every night. Either that or I'll end up growing horns out of my head or flying on a broom - which could be interesting. I need to restructure my days to get more done. I've read in the blog listed way up there that getting up earlier is good for your productivity. Now, I imagine that's assuming your children stay asleep until a reasonable hour?? Kid free = more productivity??? We'll see how this shakes out with my sun is barely peeking up & I'm awake type kids.

Going to Packer Family Fun Night at Lambeau Field tonight. I'm excited. We're bringing kid 1 & kid 2 but kid 3 is going to have some fun with some neighbors. He would probably not truly enjoy the Lambeau Field experience. Right now I'm debating on whether or not to bring my camera. I think I will. Much of my family will be there & I need more pictures of us together.

OKEY DOKEY then. . .time to get ready. . .