Wednesday, August 31, 2005

More Mowing

We have a fairly large yard - I think it's close to 3/4 acres. We do have a riding mower - however, I didn't use that one. I used the push mower. I did the complete front yard & got about half way done with the back - then the mower ran out of gas. So I came inside & sent an email to Scott. Of course, he offered up encouragement & then noted there is more gas in the garage!

It's almost 5PM so I figure that I can rest a bit & then maybe do some house work - the more strenuous type like scrub the floor & bring the laundry up. This baby has to come out sooner or later, right?

Maybe I should consider feeding the kids. They might need some nourishment.

Keep sending those vibes!

May as well wait & make Mom happy

My mother so much wants me to wait until tomorrow to have this bouncing baby boy. Still not making any promises ... but may as well. Besides, the sapphire is so pretty.

He wants out. I think he knows I just wrote that - he's now pressing down HARD on my cervix. He is so ready.

I slept last night! Well, I was up at midnight until about 1 AM. Baby was hungry. May as well get used to that. I'm going to breast feed & every couple hours is the norm at first.

Hey, I only need to wait until midnight tonight to have him. Then it's September!

Parker just decided to do some "home improvement" to the front screen door. Evidentally he thought striking a stick to the screen to taunt his big brother was a good idea. We now have several holes in our screen. This does NOT make me happy. Oh just keep it up little boys. Mom will go into labor due to stress!!!

We're heading South to Wrightstown this afternoon. I need to get them out of the house to keep my sanity. Parker, who is 3 & has been potty trained for over a year now, has decided to have 3 accidents today already!!!! I just made him put on a pull up, which he hates doing during the day. He was warned. I see nothing wrong with a little making my child feel a little guilty for doing something he does have control over. He just was out & out too lazy to stop playing to go use the toilet. And he knew it. I know, I'm going right to hell.

We're off! Hopefully I will have a baby update later or for sure by tomorrow!! Keep sending those vibes:)

Tuesday, August 30, 2005

Could it be today?

Oh I hope today is the day this little one is born. I had to have my 4 year old get a chair for me earlier because I had a very painful twinge in my pelvis. I couldn't move my right leg. It's definately moving into the birthing position.

I see my OB doc at 10:40 so I'll find out if anything is going on. If you don't hear from me later I just may be in the hospital!

I need to have this baby or I'll just go crazy waiting!!!

I started a new blog regarding my health & philosophy on health & wellness. If you go under View my entire profile there is a link.

Sunday, August 28, 2005


My motivation has returned. I think I needed to get moving or something. I wasn't exactly feeling like going to the rental . . .but since I had the boys to entertain & I wanted to supervise what Scott planned to do with the place I decided to bring the boys there.

HOLY MOSES! That tenant trashed the place! I won't go into detail too much - but the new carpeting that was installed right before she moved in (about 1 year ago) is trashed. Unknown substances were surely spilled on it & I doubt highly that it will come out. It's also torn in areas from Heaven only knows what & there are burn holes in places. There was dog crap on the basement floor & I guess it was on the carpet as well. UGH!

The garbage out front was not all bagged & we already know the city won't pick it up like that.

I mowed the lawn - looked pretty cool having me with my big belly pushing the mower. I figured it couln't hurt - I WANT to go into labor!

The boys got bored & there was no spot to sit for them to cool down - so we left. We went to my brother's new house - they're still working on it so we got to see the paint job. Looks very nice! I can't wait to build. That will be at least a year & a half away for us, if not 2 years. We need to pay off more of our land & build a cushion.

OKEY dokey, I think I'll use this energy to my benefit. My house is in need of some organization & the laundry needs to be put away.

I need to figure out how to post pics! It has to be easy for me to do it - so I'll have to check out the tutorial - or if anyone has a short cut please let me know:)

Me & The Scrappers 3

IF only I COULD nap! DH left for the rental. He had this plan for his mother to watch the boys but somehow that fell through. We won't go there. Anyway - I decided that we will also go there to make sure the FOR SALE sign gets put up. That's right. He seems to think we need to wait until the lower is rented to put it for sale. I say why wait? Of course it won't sell IF it's not for sale!!!!

Calgon, take me away!

Another Day

Still here. Still pregnant. Still feeling like my legs weigh a ton! This is seriously not how I remember feeling at the end of my last 2 pregnancies. Seriously. I'm useless & hating it.

So anyway. Scott has to go do some work at our rental today & unlike yesterday, he's not planning to bring the boys. Not sure if I can handle this or not today. I'm such a wimp. Maybe we should all go. He left the digital camera there by mistake yesterday. I wasn't all too happy about that. It's in a "bad" part of town & the place has been broken into in the past. PLUS, what if I had gone into labor last night? Anyway, obviously THAT didn't happen.

I still have organizing & cleaning to get done. I just don't have the energy to do it. I think my first due date was more true to reality. That would put me at 39 weeks. My changed due date is September 17th. THAT is not going to happen. Of course, dh likes to say, "When you're still pregnant a week or 2 from now I'll be saying I told you so." NOT if he knows what's good for him he won't. AND I WILL have this baby this week. So keep sending labor vibes my way. I need all of the help I can get!

Surprise! The boys are going to Festival to get Water! Yay! Maybe I'll shower during this time. I'm so tired. Enough whining. Maybe if I exert myself it will trigger labor.

Saturday, August 27, 2005

Saturday, August 27th

I'm still pregnant. And I'm only 37 weeks so the chances of being pregnant for the next few days at least are still very high. I'm going nuts!!! I forgot what this last month can be like. It's amazing what a few years & a 4.5 & 3 year old boy can do to make such a difference in how I'm feeling already.

Hoping to get something accomplished today. The boys are heading out to pick up our car from the mechanic & then to our rental that needs to be cleaned. We just evicted someone due to non payment & she didn't leave the place willingly nor in good condition. Normally I would go help but I'm just not feeling up to it. I would love to sell the place & we do have plans to do so. Of course, this is a sore subject. I should steer clear of that one for now.

I'm new to the blogging. . .so I'm going to check out the features & maybe I'll get some pictures posted if I get ambitious enough. My goal today is to get some cleaning done & then scrap! I love to scrapbook. My office/scrapping room is being converted into the baby room/scrapping room:) He won't mind.

I'll be back.