Sunday, November 12, 2006

Me & My Big (NEW) Ideas

Had to share my cute pic of the boys. We were delinquent on the pumpkin carving until last week. . . and I think I forgot to get a shot of the finished work. . . DUH!

A cyber friend of mine had a topic in her blog that inspired me to write this. . .Thanks Jen!

Life Goals - or otherwise titled "Bullshit & Other things I might want to achieve in my life"

(I add "might" because I don't want to commit myself too much. I change my mind frequently.)

- Marry for money - crap! didn't do that & probably never will. Although, I married smart & for love so I guess I'm further ahead that way, right?
- Live in a big house. That's all relative. I could mark this one off already because I lived in a house for the past 8 years & it is bigger than the apartment that used to live in. We're moving into our newly built house in about 5 weeks. . . so count that as achieved:)
- Seriously now - be published other than this blog which probably nobody reads. I have ideas for what I'd write. I'm not sharing it here just yet. Just in case someone is reading this I don't want my ideas pirated. (Ok, so if you are reading this - you're not a nobody - I'm just being insecure when I say nobody reads this. What do I care? This is my outlet, right?
- Get my teeth whitened & straightened. No kidding. My dentist probably gags when he checks out these babies. They're yellowed from years of drinking highly fluouridated water & I'm sure the years of soda & now coffee don't help either. And they're crowded as well. Oh the joys!
- Not have to live paycheck to paycheck. OK, so if Scott gets offered & accepts the Indiana position this could happen sooner than later. . . .so we'll see what happens.
- Travel out of this state & out of this country. So far I've been to, in order, Michigan (only just across the border so big whoop!), Illinois (again, venturing out big time here), Indiana (passed thru on the way to the next destination & stayed a night), Ohio (yep, big honeymoon destination that was. I know, what the everyloving heck?), Orlando (now we're getting real), Chicago, Illinois, Hawaii (THAT'S more like it baby!) & Orlando again. Have not been out of the country yet. I'm a little freaked about that idea right now with the world in the chaos that it is. I'll get over that sooner or later.
- Get physically fit again. I've let my fitness slip BIG TIME since having children. Yeah, sure, I'm down to my prepregnant weight. . . but that's not exactly fit when I get winded going up a flight or two of steps. Time to stop being lazy & stop procrastinating. I'll get on that tomorrow. . . .

I make a lot of lists. . .so I'm sure I'll revise this frequently. If only I could find all of my lists. . .


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