Monday, January 07, 2008

Welcome Back to ME!

My last post was about a year ago. Wow! So much has happened. I won't begin to try to list everything that has changed for me & my family.
The highlights:
  • settled into new home
  • Scott is now the Director of a local college
  • I cut down to 2 twelve hour shifts at the hospital
  • picked up an educator position there part time
  • Spencer started 1st grade
  • Parker started kindergarten
  • got a cleaning lady!
  • started to sew after purchasing my own sewing machine
  • Carter had surgery last January on his eye lump - no problems
  • I had surgery end of August - no problems

I think that covers the big stuff. I will most likely change the focus of my blog to sewing type materials. I'm getting quite crafty here. Looking forward to sharing lots of ideas!


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