Tuesday, March 31, 2009


I know - it's been far too long yet again.
I'm currently on Day 4 of a 21 day Cleanse. Why? You may ask. . . Well, the system was starting to feel sluggish & the waistline & butt were expanding... need I say more? For those of you wondering which one???? I am doing the Standard Process cleanse. I do not work for or with this company in any way, shape or form. (that's my disclaimer) So far I'm doing pretty well.

Here's the rundown:
Day 1
on empty stomach I had to consume 10 pills (7 cleanse & 3 fiber) plus a shake made with the SP complete protein powder. I made my shake with freshly juiced fruit & a carrot. I made too much & therefore had to drink it all. Note to self: don't make it a big serving of juice & don't add ice cubes. . . brain freeze! Not much, if any, room left in the tummy after that!

We went on an outing to a local waterfowl preserve & saw how maple syrup is made. The boys had ice cream with fresh maple syrup over the top. . .looked super yummy. . . can't cheat already! I drank water.
Lunch: bowl of homemade veggie soup, banana, shake made with apple juice, strawberries, blueberries & just a couple ice cubes. . . . again, too much! DUH! Skip the ice!
had a headache - hmmm. . no caffeine will do that to you. . . had to have some Green Tea. . .headache resolved!
1 1/2 hrs after lunch: 10 pills as described above with water
Supper: Artichoke with garlic, olive oil & a bit of flax oil . . . artichokes are a lot of work for a little bit of food. I probably worked off a few pounds just preparing to eat it!
Raw carrot & some lentils (hmmm, lentils. . .new food for me. not too bad)

later: only 1 scoop SP complete (usually 2 scoops per shake) with beet, ginger, carrot, apple juice. . . note to self: not good combo. smelled like dirt. . .tasted like dirt. . . yuck. guess my poop will be red later! (sorry for the graphic detail there!)

Bedtime: pills with lots of water!!!

done with DAY 1!!!! Yay! Only slight headache. . . relieved by tea.

Day 2
Pills & shake - made with 1 orange, 1 carrot juiced. . .MUCH BETTER! water
more water - green tea - 1/4 banana as a snack
Pills & shake - with OJ/carrot juice , water
Lentils - cold with a little sea salt. . .tasty little buggers!
Salad: mixed greens, broccoli, green onion, red onion - lightly sprinkled with organic asian dressing
Supper: homemade veggie soup with some organic spaghetti sauce - a little cheat there - but it wasn't very good. . . water
handful of popcorn - yup - I gave in just slightly - so what???
bedtime: shake & pills - not messing with the juice - same as above
water, 1/8 banana (what one of the boys didn't finish)

Day 3
pills & shake - same juice, water
green tea
NOON: pills & shake
then I got fancy: stir fry - used cocount oil, garlic, peppercorn, broccoli, carrots, zucchini, green onions & lentils served over fresh baby greens - very good but I was FULL!!!

handful of popcorn - yes, I have no will power - ok, very low will power, water
small serving spicy veg soup with lentils, water
weighed myself at Mom & Dad's = 128.5!!!!! WOOOO HOOOO! Less than 2 weeks ago I weighed myself there & was 134. . . so I guess I've lost some weight already:)
Pills & shake - same juice, water
handful of popcorn - I know, I must be crazy. . . but we're talking handful only, water

so that brings us to today. .
Day 4
I was TIRED this morning!!!
Pills & shake - good old carrot OJ again, water
late AM: carrots, lentils, celery & green tea
late lunch: pills & shake - no more oranges - used fresh juiced apples instead - not bad
That is it so far. I'm going to throw the popcorn away. . . but man, it seems fairly innocent compared to the tortilla chips & Girl Scout Cookies. I'm a little nauseated today while I drink the shakes. . .or is it the pills? Not sure. I do feel a bit more energetic after the early morning slacking. I really cannot wait until Sunday when I can prepare a nice piece of chicken or fish. Funny how much I want that right now. I can do this!!!