Monday, July 27, 2009

PRAY for Stellan ~ Pray first, pray hard, pray often!

This little guy & his family have been through A LOT over the past year. Stellan is quite the little fighter. His family is QUITE amazing as well. Why? You may ask. .. ??? In my opinion, they have the faith that moves mountains. Many people in this situation would throw up their arms in despair and shout to God, "WHY ME???!!!" Not this family! (Kind of a Not Me, Monday theme here maybe?) Nope, not this family. . . they continue to PRAISE God instead of blame Him. They continue to HOLD STRONG in their hour of despair. I'm humbled by their strength.

Let's all PRAISE GOD! We don't know what He has planned, but He hears all prayers from those who believe. Pray first, pray hard & pray often!

Please pray for Stellan!

Jennifer B