Monday, November 07, 2005

I'm Scrapping Again!

I completed 2 pages so far with 2 more very close to completion! Yay for me!!! Still haven't had tons of time to scrap, but I'm using the good stuff as a personal challenge.

Still working on the organization thing. I'm also working on my clutter problem. I will keep improving.

Carter is 8 weeks old today. Wow, time flies! Yet it seems like he's been here forever. He's very adorable of course.

Our rental unit is for sale & we received an offer for the full amount today. Of course we're jumping on that. I hope all goes well & we unload it ASAP. It's just too much to deal with as Scott's job consumes so much of his time & I won't even go down the list of everything consuming my time right now.

I have been back to work for the past 3 weeks already. That is going OK. We debated on whether I should take a more for sure position (right now I work for a nurse staffing agency & can be cancelled if not needed). When we looked at the inconvenience of me being scheduled to work the one available position which is 4 PM to 8 PM for 2 to 3 evenings a week or taking a part time position at a hospital which would require every other weekend & holidays of some sort - versus working for the agency when I want to & where I want to (unless I get cancelled) - we decided it would be better for me to stay doing what I'm doing. Another HUGE factor is the pay. If I'd take a position, it would mean about a $10 an hour pay cut. Easy decision when you look at that, right?

I am also faced with the decision about my Pampered Chef business. What do I want to do with it? I really slowed down several months ago because I chose to. I know that I could pick it back up again & get more shows booked. I have my first post baby show tomorrow night & so far there are 13 guests expected! That's pretty incredible & I will work it. I'm looking for some "sign" of what I'm supposed to do. I know, sounds silly. I just can't decide yet. And I really don't have to decide anything right now. I know that I can keep active with the things I have going.

I am getting wordy - go figure! I am going to leave it at that for now.

Jen B

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Michelle said...

So glad you're scrapping again! go Jen!