Sunday, November 20, 2005

12 Pounds!

Carter is 12 pounds already! Big boy! He'll be 10 weeks old tomorrow. Time flies! He is actually starting to sleep for longer periods of time now - yay for MOM! And his smiles & coos are really adorable. I still haven't figured out how to get a pic on this blog thing so I'll have to share his photos in the yahoo groups I'm in.

Holidays are approaching quicker than I am ready for. Simplifying this year. I wrote more about that in my other blog so if you want to read about that you can. The big one is that we're only doing cake & ice cream for Spencer's 5 year Birthday party next Sunday. I can't believe he's going to be 5 already. Such a big boy. He's no longer anywhere near a baby. Next fall he'll be in kindergarten.

My middle child, Parker - I worry he'll feel left out sometimes. I hear about the middle child all of the time. Heck, I was one of several middle children. I dealt with it. I was the youngest of the older & the oldest of the younger. Being the 4th child of 6 & the youngest girl was not easy. I kind of felt like a slave most of the time. I'm past that now. I make sure to spend one on one time with Parker whenever I can. He is so special to me, as all 3 of my boys are!

I'm starting Christmas shopping tonight! There is a special fundraising event at the local Mall & I purchased a ticket. There are specials, giveaways, free samples, yadda yadda. . . It will be nice to get out - but you know, still have to finance it. We've acquired quite a few medical bills from the delivery of Carter. It's amazing the difference since the first 2 boys were born while Scott still had the school district insurance. Now he is employed by a private college & whoa! The coverage isn't anywhere near as good. I think we all tend to over indulge during the holidays anyway. The kids get so much stuff from everyone else - why do we feel the need to compete with that? This year we won't. They usually end up sticking to playing with one thing at a time anyway - heck, Carter won't care at all - what do you get for a baby again anyway? He has plenty of clothing. He doesn't need more baby toys. He will most likely sleep through a lot of the commotion anyway - such decisions!

Well, gotta run - I think I hear the little man.

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