Sunday, January 08, 2006

I'm getting a full time job

I've applied for a full time nursing job in Labor & Delivery at a local hospital. The complication is that I currently work for an agency & the hospital has to negotiate a buy out. Sounds so funny, doesn't it? I'm keeping my fingers crossed. It's time for me to get in the groove of working so that we can plan to build a home on the land we have. We're aiming for Spring of 2007. It's much easier to take going back to working full time when there is a goal in mind.

Carter is changing so much everyday. That makes me happy & sad. Happy because he is becoming more interactive & sad because he is growing so quickly. He's my last baby. Maybe that's why I'm hoping for a position in Labor & Delivery. . .then I can get my baby fix at work.

Gotta go, the feeding frenzy begins!

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Amy W. said...

awww, Jen...i soooo can relate. i'm having a birthday in a week for my 'baby' and he'll be one. sigh... i hope your job thingy is going well. or should i say i hope you get bought out? hehe ;>