Sunday, January 29, 2006

Tomorrow I begin my new job

I'm excited & nervous. Actually, the brain doesn't know the difference between nervousness & excitement - so just tell yourself you're excited & you'll be just fine. I know, little tidbits of knowledge:)

I did do some scrapping this weekend. Not nearly enough in my opinion - but I scrapped! I have to post my page counts yet to my groups. I'm still not purchasing anything scrappy.

Well, it's already 10:30 PM & 5:30 AM is going to creep up fast. I hope Carter decides to sleep a bit longer tonight. He's been wanting the "boo boo" quite a bit lately. That's what we call him wanting to eat from me lately. I know, it's kind of silly. I still can't get him to take a NUK. Oh how I wish he would. I don't mind him nibbling - but he's starting to get a bit curious as to what is going on around him while he's munching. This can make for some very uncomfortable situations for me as he twists me every which way. Sorry, I know. Too much information!

To bed I will go. Hope to be keeping up with this blogging thing a bit better from now on.

1 comment:

Shell said...

good luck with the exciting!!

with the nibbling...I used to just unlatch mine if they started that...they soon learned that if they weren't going to nurse they weren't going to be attached...they soon stopped being figety(sp??) and nibbling...