Wednesday, May 28, 2008


Don't know exactly why I titled this the way I did. . .but I did. . . so there! Probably because it's going to be a cluster of topics so I will begin:

Garage sales - not selling the garage - but it's not really a yard sale because I do plan to use the garage & the driveway. . .so why don't we call them Driveway sales?? But then again, driveways could technically be part of the yard. . . so we're back to yard sale. I digress. We're doing a neighborhood sale June 6th & 7th. (so does that mean we're selling the neighborhood? Tee hee, couldn't pass that one up.) Am I ready? Of course not. Why would I be ready already? It's over a week away, right? Yeah. Ok. We'll see how that goes. I am getting rid of a lot of stuff. Let me reword that. . . I'm planning to get rid of a lot. AND, whatever does not sell I will donate. It's part of my 12 step program for being a packrat.

What the heck is up with me update - I'm in limbo on the MS front. So far we have this: MRI of brain has changed since 2004. 2 new areas/lesions. NOT tumors - but demyelination I guess. C spine & thoracic spine have nothing abnormal. Visual evoked responses - normal. Sensorymotor Evoked Potentials - slightly delayed but still within normal limits. Physical exam - normal. Symptoms - improving - still some pain issues with my low back & legs but only when I'm inactive. Seems that being physically active really helps decrease my discomfort.
What's the Plan? I'm taking 1000 mg of Fish Oil 3 times daily, 1000 to 2000 mg vitamin D daily, 250 mg Alpha Lipoic Acid daily as well as decreasing my grain intake. I will be having a lumbar puncture (spinal tap) probably tomorrow. I'm having an anesthesiologist do it. If that is clear - then I remain in limbo & deal with symptoms. OR, I get another expensive genetic test for a rare disorder that isn't very likely. . . AND, I have a repeat MRI of my brain in November. I don't mind having a non diagnosis. The alternative kind of sucks. Then again, knowing what is wrong might be a relief & prove that I truly am not crazy. (well, that could still be debated I suppose) I'm going to remain positive either way. Why not?

Sewing - I've begun to cut out a new purse. I will post it when it's complete. I still have tons of ideas that I hope to be able to put to use one of these days. While attacking the pile of laundry this past weekend I had the TV on & saw some cool things to do to repurpose jeans: making cute skirts by using the waist & hip portions & then cutting panels to attach - I don't explain this well. . .go here:
Nancy's Notions Denim Redesign It's the skirt on the left bottom. Isn't that cool? I really liked the kid version - but I don't have girl people other than myself in this house. You do realize this could cause my clutter problem to become worse, don't you? I mean, those pants that I don't unload at the sale could suddenly find themselves back in my grasps. What cool projects could erupt from already owned items???? It would be a shame or even a SIN to GIVE those away!!!!! (Somebody, quick! Save me!)

Why did I drink coffee at 7 PM? WHAT WAS I THINKING??? Duh! Body is tired. . .mind is not! Or is it the other way around? Or maybe both are tired but restless??? YIKES!

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Rachel said...

Hi,I have been lurking for a while and thought I would pop over and say hello, I found you off of Bridgets blog.

Wow! Your so busy, I hope all your tests go okay for you tomorrow. I can't believe everything that your going through.

And Happy Yard/driveway selling. I need to have one myself. I tend to ehemmm collect alot of "stuff" myself.
Hope you have a good week.

Oh and I can't wait to see your new purse and the jean skirts!


Ps. I agree with Bridget you are so cute and so are your 3 boys!