Thursday, May 01, 2008

La La La Lazy. . .

Have you heard of The Love Monkeys? They're a Milwaukee band. . . been around for quite a while. . . anyway, they have a song called "Lazy" & this has become my theme song for this week. With not being able to do much physical stuff due to my lovely hip inflammation (I sound like I'm 80 or something). . . I've become quite lazy. (Disclaimer here. . .80 year olds do not all have bad hips & are not all lazy. In fact today, they probably are much more productive than I have been all week.) OK, I'm making a short story long.

Potty training update - hurray hurray the first of May - potty training begins today. I know, this is NOT the sing songy phrase that usually follows, but I adjusted it for my own purposes. Carter does not exactly have this potty training thing down. And I know, it's the first real day of it. . .but boy oh boy. . . this is not fun. Buzz Lightyear does NOT like to be peed on. Does this stop him? Nope. And bribery is lost on him as well. I say, "if we go try to go potty on the big boy potty I will give you some juice." He replies, "Me did go potty alweddy. Me want juice!" and then he proceeds to scream bloody murder when I don't let him have any without trying a potty. I'm evil, I know. . .but I refuse to give in to the screaming child. I'm one of the evil mothers in the store who actually leaves a cart with merchandise in it to leave the store after threatening to do so if a child does (insert sassy behavior) one more time. I have been known, on occasion, to say, "Hmm, everybody is looking at you as you scream." and I have also carried a child, kicking & screaming, out of said store as people stare in horror. No hitting (except by the child at times), just calm assertiveness (same as dog whisperer techniques thanks to Cesar Milan). The child must always know you are the pack leader:)
How did I get so far from what I was talking about? That's me. . .short story long.

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Bridget said...

Oh potty training, my least favorite part of raising a child- almost ;o).
Good for you and not giving in. If you did before you know it he would be chasing the post man and chewing on shoes and you can't have that!
I need to be better about doing what I say I'm going to do.