Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Come together

I've been blog surfing & commenting. Figured I'd better update mine now. We have SO MUCH going on here. And as soon as I figure out what the heck is going on with my Kodak EasyShare software I'll get some pictures posted. Baseball has come to an end & Soccer has revved up. We think Summer is actually going to stick around now too, but one never can be too sure. We are in WI after all.

I planted my first ever veggie/fruit garden. HOLY Shnikees, Batman! Why didn't someone warn me it would be THAT much freakin' work? Of course, I have clay. . not exactly the medium of choice for a garden. And we had someone come with a tractor to break up the sod & work the dirt. But then I waited a bit before getting out there so I needed to till it quite a bit. Of course, this required a tiller. We didn't have a tiller. . .so I went & bought one that attaches to a weed whacker. I am woman. HEAR ME ROAR!!! I bought a manly tool. . .OK, it's a womanly man tool. . .but a man tool just the same. And it worked for the most part. Let's not kid anyone, clay was meant to be molded, not planted. Maybe it will loosen up & be better next year. Maybe I'll shoot monkeys out of my butt. . . sorry, had to.

My boys have discovered many living creatures in the back pond (storm retention pond that is). The little stream that flows from it is in our backyard so the boys have a blast finding frogs, toads, turtles, tadpoles, etc & they like to take said creepy, crawly critters in a pale or whatever they may find to contain them, up to the house. We have a tote container full of polywogs & frogs out front right now. I'm sure some animal of prey is having a great buffet this evening. Nice. And this evening the 2 older boys, along with neighbor boys, decided to have a mud fight. Double NICE. Have you ever smelled swamp mud? Not exactly rosey. Kind of reminds me of smelly, stinky, moldy sock smell. Ewww! And clay. . . so nice when it stains! Hey, maybe I can just rub THAT on my skin instead of spray on tanner! (Thanks to my gardening experience, I am red right now.)

Summer vacation has begun. Who's vacation is that?

My Parker turns 6 on Friday. . . yup, 6 on Friday the 13th. . . creepy combo. We're having his party on Saturday. . . hoping for sunshine! The garage still has my garage sale stuff in it. . .slowly getting rid of that.

Time for night night.

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Bridget said...

Wow, you should be roaring! I leave all the dirty boy stuff to my dirty boys. I only have 2 so that usually means that I have to get in there and do the job right ;o).

Happy Birthday tomorrow Parker!