Thursday, June 19, 2008

Getting in the Game

I have rolled out of bed at 5:55 AM the last 2 days to walk with my dear neighbor, Kim. We walked for about 30 minutes yesterday & maybe 40 today - subtracting the time it took to coerce a small dog named Cheese back to his yard. It feels GREAT to get moving. It is exhausting come this time of the evening. My body says, "TIME FOR SIESTA!" My kids say, "TIME FOR FIESTA!" No, they don't really speak Spanish. But you get my point. Of course, come bedtime tonight. . .my brain will kick into its 2nd wind & tell my body it can't quite sleep yet.

I have some cool pics that I need to share with you. I just need to get my computer to clear up some space. I need more RAM. I'll work on it. This weekend should supply me with even more adventures as we're going to the NASCAR race at the Milwaukee Mile. Cooler yet. . .we have VIP Pit/Garage passes!!! I'm not a NASCAR junkie. . .but this is going to be cool. Young guys working on cars. . . hmmm. . . need I say more? Of course, I'll be with my loving, adorable husband.

Time for soccer. I'm going stag - well - that is, I'm going with my 3 little men. Daddy is still at work with Jerrick Johnson. . the NASCAR driver who came to visit Rasmussen College today. I'll share pics later:)

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Bridget said...

Good for you! I'd go out and take a walk but then I'd be out walking and I can't have that ;o). I bet your boys were in heaven- Nascar!