Wednesday, November 05, 2008

Class Reunion Picture

Thank you, Tonya, for reminding me that I haven't posted a picture of my Class reunion. . . and I can hardly believe it myself, but I only took ONE PICTURE!! I got too busy talking - again, I know, hard to believe! So here is the lone picture. And I will say right away, I'm not pleased with the angle I'm positioned. My loving husband isn't so spectacular at composing pictures. . .so I'll forgive him. I need to teach him to help make me look better than the other people in the picture! Tee hee. On this picture is Me, Patty C., Megan N., Kurt R., & Tom H. I wish I had taken more pictures. It was great to see everyone. I think there were a little over 30 classmates in all that attended. Which is pretty darn good considering the total class was under 80 students.

Much to do today. I didn't even turn my computer on here since Sunday! My house is very messy. Laundry. . . I'm very afraid! And my grad school application is sitting in cyber space awaiting my attention. I need more coffee. . . .

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Bridget said...

You look great! I'm too scared to go to my reunion and it's coming up.

As for laundry, who cares ;o). It just mulitplies the second you add water to it I swear.