Thursday, November 20, 2008

Running Naked

Got your attention! No, not me running naked. . . the 3 year old. . . better? OK now. . . Has it been an entire WEEK already? Holy cow. . .after the Chinese Food mishap last Thursday many of you may have wondered about my safety. .or sanity for that matter. I'm here. I'm fine. Blog hopping & entering giveaways like crazy. I've been staying up WAY past bedtime working on various projects & surfing the Internet. . . blog hopping really. Oh, & cramming for my MAT - which is later today.

So MUCH happens in a day, let alone an entire WEEK! Let me give you the run down:
  • worked full shift last Friday
  • Saturday - Event FILLED day. . . friend's baby shower - showed up & found out she (Melanie) already HAD the baby early Tuesday morning - 6 weeks early! Plus, her mother is not well - please pray for JUDY & her family. Time is precious - don't take it for granted.
  • Card making Saturday evening - WHAT a GREAT creative release! Of course, I was addicted to being creative & dreamed of possibilities. . .sleep was not easy.
  • Sunday - attended new Church we're considering switching to. I won't go into detail here. . .but we think we've found a new HOME for Celebration.
  • Watched Packer game from home while creating MORE CARDS!!! See, once I begin there is NO STOPPING me!
  • Been playing a lot of the Mexican Train Game with the boys. . . this is an EXCELLENT game with Dominoes. . .yes. . . DOMINOES!!! Very fun & family friendly.
  • Monday - worked on a quilting project. . .not too many details here. . .it's a gift as long as I get it done before Christmas!!!
  • Tuesday - called OFF of work - On CALL 12 hours. . .which bites the big one as FIRST callback.
  • Wednesday - purchased Spencer's birthday present - his family party is this Saturday.
  • Scott worked late so I was the single parent last night. . .
  • Stayed up WAY too late again. . . so I'm tired today. . . & that's not good because the house is trashed & the MAT is this afternoon. . .not to mention Parent/Teacher conferences tonight. Downing COFFEE as we speak!

Wish me LUCK!

Jennifer B Y