Wednesday, August 31, 2005

May as well wait & make Mom happy

My mother so much wants me to wait until tomorrow to have this bouncing baby boy. Still not making any promises ... but may as well. Besides, the sapphire is so pretty.

He wants out. I think he knows I just wrote that - he's now pressing down HARD on my cervix. He is so ready.

I slept last night! Well, I was up at midnight until about 1 AM. Baby was hungry. May as well get used to that. I'm going to breast feed & every couple hours is the norm at first.

Hey, I only need to wait until midnight tonight to have him. Then it's September!

Parker just decided to do some "home improvement" to the front screen door. Evidentally he thought striking a stick to the screen to taunt his big brother was a good idea. We now have several holes in our screen. This does NOT make me happy. Oh just keep it up little boys. Mom will go into labor due to stress!!!

We're heading South to Wrightstown this afternoon. I need to get them out of the house to keep my sanity. Parker, who is 3 & has been potty trained for over a year now, has decided to have 3 accidents today already!!!! I just made him put on a pull up, which he hates doing during the day. He was warned. I see nothing wrong with a little making my child feel a little guilty for doing something he does have control over. He just was out & out too lazy to stop playing to go use the toilet. And he knew it. I know, I'm going right to hell.

We're off! Hopefully I will have a baby update later or for sure by tomorrow!! Keep sending those vibes:)


Michelle said...

yep wait till midnight.. make your mother happy :) I hear if you mow lawns sometimes that will speed things up though.. lol

Layla said...

Ugh sorry about the day you're having but good luck tonight! lol
(thats me hoping)