Sunday, August 28, 2005


My motivation has returned. I think I needed to get moving or something. I wasn't exactly feeling like going to the rental . . .but since I had the boys to entertain & I wanted to supervise what Scott planned to do with the place I decided to bring the boys there.

HOLY MOSES! That tenant trashed the place! I won't go into detail too much - but the new carpeting that was installed right before she moved in (about 1 year ago) is trashed. Unknown substances were surely spilled on it & I doubt highly that it will come out. It's also torn in areas from Heaven only knows what & there are burn holes in places. There was dog crap on the basement floor & I guess it was on the carpet as well. UGH!

The garbage out front was not all bagged & we already know the city won't pick it up like that.

I mowed the lawn - looked pretty cool having me with my big belly pushing the mower. I figured it couln't hurt - I WANT to go into labor!

The boys got bored & there was no spot to sit for them to cool down - so we left. We went to my brother's new house - they're still working on it so we got to see the paint job. Looks very nice! I can't wait to build. That will be at least a year & a half away for us, if not 2 years. We need to pay off more of our land & build a cushion.

OKEY dokey, I think I'll use this energy to my benefit. My house is in need of some organization & the laundry needs to be put away.

I need to figure out how to post pics! It has to be easy for me to do it - so I'll have to check out the tutorial - or if anyone has a short cut please let me know:)


Layla said...

I'm so sorry your house was trashed but glad you got your energy back! You do know energy is a "Sign" right? heheeh!

Michelle said...

I can't believe you mowed.. :)