Thursday, October 20, 2005

Days NOT to get out of bed - or wake up at all!

Yesterday -
Wee hours of the morning - I hear Parker (the 3 yo) crying. He has a leg cramp. Dad (dh) gets up to comfort him. Shortly, I hear, "Oh crap." from dh right beside my bed. He says, as he holds our sobbing 3 yo, "I think your glasses are underneath my foot." Nothing like that to wake me up! Sure enough, my frames were broken - beyond repair. (They must have gotten knocked off the bedside table.)

Now to some this might not be a huge deal. However, I hadn't worn my contacts in months & I had a day of shopping planned so I actually have something to wear for Carter's baptism on Sunday. I need my glasses to drive. This was not a good thing. So I got very little sleep the rest of the night.

Wake up - around 6 AM & Carter (the baby) had wet through his diaper & sleeper onto my bed. Thank God he's little & that he was wearing a Pampers vs the cheaper diapers. Oh well, I am not changing the sheets at 6AM for a spot of pee - it's a king sized bed & I should be able to catch a little more sleep after changing the boy. The other 2 boys wake up so it's not exactly dreamy time for Mom anymore - but I can try!

That didn't last long. DH left for work & the boys are LOUD & want me UP! I give in - I need to shower & have them to daycare, aka school, by 9 AM anyway.

I make them English muffins with PB&J on them & prepare for my shower. Nothing to wear that looks good - so I figure something out - still maternity jeans:( A tank top & button down shirt for easy access for the little man. That should be good.

The boys go downstairs to play & I take my shower. Once out - Spencer (almost 5) comes to me & says, while dressed in just his underwear, "Parker peed down the steps." WHAT???!! Sure enough, Parker let it go from the top of the basement stairs all the way down - including the wall. NOT something I wanted to deal with. He was standing there with nothing on! What is up with that? I didn't sign up for this one! He gets a little putch on the hind end & sent to his room to get dressed & think about what he did. I asked him, once he was in there, why he did it. He said, "Cuz you weren't wiff me." Not seeing the logic in that. But he's 3 - there probably is some code of 3 year olds that states, "If Mom is not wif me, I can pee down the steps." I must capture this manual & destroy it!

So I clean up the mess. Again, NOT what was on the agenda for this morning. I get myself & the kids ready & bring them to school. This is where we discover a cute little white dog standing outside the center's door. Now I know this kind of dog. It's the kind that looks like it would want to be cuddled & pet & loved & then when you go to pet it it turns psycho & rips a whole in your arm the size of Texas. So I don't let the kids get out of the van. I, with my calm demeanor & experience dealing with wild animals (aka, my kids), get out & approach the beast. He seems nice enough. I let him sniff my hand & then take a look at his tags. He's up to date at the vet - but no name or number or address. I decide it's safe enough to allow my children to come out to get into school. The dog wants to follow us in - but we don't let him. Once inside I tell the assistant director & she says, "Oh, don't go near that dog. We have brought him back to his home before & he just about tore our arms off." I must have the touch - or maybe it's the motherly hormones flowing because the dog really seemed to like me! I offer to lead it back home since it likes to follow me anyway. I get the 2 boys in their appropriate rooms & leave my baby in the Assistant director's care while I go out. The dog is gone. No job for me to do! So I go get the baby & procede out to my van. Then the dog is back! Go figure! So I lead it back to it's home next door. The owner didn't seem all too grateful. Funny how I saw her outside earlier & she didn't seem to be looking for her dog. Some people! Anyway - I get in my van & we head to my chiropractor's.

While driving on the highway I got in the left lane as there were some slower moving vehicles in the right lane going just under 65. This is a classic situation that I'm sure many have been in. I am leading a couple of cars & there is pretty steady traffic in the right lane. Then there is a little clearing in the right lane but the next vehicle in the right lane is obviously going slower than I am in the left. Even though someone is nearing my tail end, I am not about to get over in the right lane just to have to put on my brakes & slow way down. I'm going over the speed limit already & figure I'll get over once I pass the next vehicle. The car 2 behind me whips out of his lane (isn't it always a man?), attempts to catch up to me & just before he does, starts to take the exit & flips me off! I just laughed - & I know he saw me laughing so I'm sure that inflicted far more of a blow to his ego & road rage than if I had reciprocated. Just then - "It's a Great Day to Be Alive" comes on the radio. That just about says it!

I figure the day had to improve after that! Good thing I have a positive attitude.

Oh, by the way, I had a new pair of contacts to put in - & they worked quite well for the day. However, my glasses are not able to be fixed with Crazy glue like I was hoping. I do need to get my eyes checked, however, I was hoping to be able to put that off for a bit as my eyes tend to change after having a baby. We're also broke right now - so paying for my new glasses is not exactly in the budget. Oh well, more reason for me to get working!

Gotta go - the boys are loose again!


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Michelle said...

you have your hands full.. as a mother of 6.. I did laugh about him peeing down the steps.. lol.. I can relate.. :) Just think someday they'll grow up and you'll miss this! I swear that does happen.. :)