Tuesday, October 11, 2005

A LOT has happened

Wow! This could be a long one. MUCH has happened.

Carter is already 4 weeks old! Wow! He is growing quickly. I need to weigh him tomorrow to see just how much! I take so many pics of him it's almost pathetic - but hey, that's what digital cameras were made for, right? It takes many pics to get that perfect one you know?

I'm starting to get more sleep. That's a good thing. Carter kind of had his days & nights mixed up for a bit. I have been trying to remember to invert him daily to try to keep this straightened out. I might explain this more in my other blog as it's health related.

Not this past weekend, but the Sunday before, my 14 year old niece finally came forward about an awful tragedy that has been going on since January. A 6th grade teacher whom she had been counseled by has been having sex with her. She thought she was in love with him. He took advantage of her in the worst way imaginable. I won't go into too much detail. They have him though. He was arrested early last Monday morning. He had tried to dump evidence in his apartment dumpster but the police seized the dumpster in time to confiscate it. He had videos & pictures. What a sicko!

Since then, another young lady has come forward. He will go away for a long time. I know they have a certain heirarchy in prison - he'll get his one way or another. I am just sick about this. That poor girl's childhood has been torn from her. She'll never be the same again.

Have you been watching Oprah lately? She is doing some amazing things to bring child molesters to justice. She is awesome! She said something today that hits home. She said that we should never ignore those little feelings we get about people. There are times when we push our little fears aside as we don't want to offend someone. When someone makes us feel weird or uncomfortable by a way they touch us, touch our kids, look at us, look at our kids - we need to pay attention to this!

I just pray that God gives my niece the strength to make it through this & make something positive out of this awful life event.

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Michelle said...

I'm so sorry for what happened to your neice. Thats just so sad. I saw the Oprah show too.. I hope she catches them ALL!