Wednesday, December 14, 2005

Don't Ask "What Next?"

Just when you think there couldn't possibly be something else that happens . . . it does!

Let me take you back over the past several months:
Spencer (5yo) got a bad cut above his knee at daycare - they didn't call me about it. That day my neighbor picked up the boys as I went into the doctor with false labor. I took the bandage off later that night to see a big wound that should've had stitches. I cleaned it & steri stripped it & it seemed to do well - then reopened the next week while in the sandbox & I needed to bring him into the ER/Urgent Care to get it cleaned out. Nice scar - no real big deal. Mind you, I was pretty pregnant at the time.

Carter was born in September - beautiful little man:)

Several weeks ago Spencer felt the need to spray bug repellent into his 3 yo brother's eyes. While Parker survived without much incident, it was quite traumatic with me having to hold Parker down to irrigate his eyes. But we did survive & there were no long term effects.

The night before Thanksgiving Spencer climbed up onto the kitchen counter to get a drink stick out of the cupboard (you know, the kind that you get in a mixed drink & it usually will hold any kind of olive or whatever you have with your drink?). Well, he slipped on the way down & ended up getting the drink stick stuck in the back of his mouth. Yes, it was impaled past the little barbed part into the back of the inside of his mouth - right in front of his right tonsil. Kind of freaky - we brought him to the ER as there was no way I was pulling that baby out not knowing how far in it actually was. It was pretty harmless really - as it was pretty superficial - but we had no way of knowing that here. No long lasting effects there either.

Yesterday - I was scheduled to work a day shift at the hospital. I work for a staffing agency so I'm not directly employed by the hospital. At 4:30 AM Carter woke up for the first time! Holy Cow! Nice sleeping for the little man. Of course, I get up at 5:30 AM for work - so I didn't get back to sleep after 4:30 AM. I get to work & the supervisor tells me that I had actually been cancelled but my agency's phones were down. My agency would pay me for 4 hours as it was their fault. Yay! Pay for 4 hours for just showing up! I can handle that:)
I get home & Scott was still home as he was to bring the boys to school later so I could pick them up at about 4PM. (They go for 5 hours so we don't have to pay for the entire day.) My Agency calls me & asks if I'll work a PM shift at the hospital - they asked for me specifically. OK, I'll do it. We need the money. So I plan to bring the boys & Scott gets to work sooner so he can pick them up by 4 PM. It was Carter's first day at daycare:(

Dropping the boys off went not so great. My 2 older ones have a rough go of it - which is strange. Carter does just fine.

I work until 11:45 PM & am dead on my feet as I didn't get a break:( Of course, I get home & can't fall asleep right away - so I am up until 1 AM. So that is almost 21 hours AWAKE yesterday for me.

Carter sleeps all night again! Yay!

Then there's TODAY! We get dumped on with SNOW! Lots of it.
Then, while just walking in the basement, Parker trips & falls face first into the train table & fractures his top 2 front teeth right above the gum line. NOT PRETTY. I've already made a somewhat short story long - so I'll get to the point. He had to have both teeth extracted & he won't have his permanent teeth until he's about 7 years old! I cried. Scott cried. Parker was fine until they put the numbing gel on his upper gum. That burned a bit & he started fighting it. I had to hold him down. Scott can't handle that kind of thing so he was out of the room. It just killed me to watch him go through this. The teeth came out easy enough. He is such a trooper.

He is already eating just fine. He's excited as the tooth fairy will be paying him a visit tonight.

I won't even say those words I Titled this one as!!!


Cami said...

Oh man, Poor Parker :(
well, you can never say it's boring at your house :D

Michelle said...

and how it goes with little kids! I hope everyone stays safe at your house :) When my girls were little the ER was getting our files out everytime we came through the door..they got to know us! lol