Wednesday, December 28, 2005

The Post Christmas update

OK, it looks like Santa puked all over my living room. I have GOT to get these gifts put away! I feel the need to get my house cleaned up. Scott is "on vacation" this week - you'd think we'd have more time to get things organized. Yeah, right! When is MY vacation? I think that is what just about every woman wants to know. . .especially mothers.

So, I will try to get my act together.

I'm working tomorrow from 3 PM to 7 PM & then a 12 hour day shift on Friday. We need me to work more shifts. I have the opportunity to apply for a rotating day/night 12 hour shift at the hospital - however, right now I have the luxury of refusing shifts. If I take that I would not be able to refuse. PLUS, I'd have to work holidays. With the boys at their ages it would be too tough right now.

So I will keep up the numerous things I currently do. Hopefully I will survive!

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