Sunday, August 06, 2006


I'm so addicted to the song on Jen Beal's blog that I can't stop listening to it!!! It's Far Away by Nichelback. I'm trying to figure out what all makes me want to listen to it. . . the song is awesome for one. The lead singer is pretty fine looking. . . . but maybe it's the firemen in the video. . . Scott isn't a fireman. He's pretty fine too. . .
I dated a fireman in the past. I guess you could say it was my only other quite serious relationship. So I can relate to the worry when he would go to a fire call. We didn't live together. . .but I was with him a few times when he would get paged out. Am I still thinking of him??? I guess I can't say I don't think about him. He was a special person in my life & until I met Scott I considered him my biggest love. Things happened out of our control that caused our relationship to be impossible even though we still loved each other. I dated other people after him before Scott. I'm VERY happy that I met Scott & that my life turned out the way it did. I think everyone ponders the what ifs in life. I wouldn't trade my life with Scott & the boys for anything at all. Last I heard my former love has a life that is somewhat parallel to mine. He's now a police officer, married & has at least 2 boys of his own.

Anyway, this song captivates me. It's well written & well sung. Thanks Jen Beals for sharing it!

Time for bed.

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