Monday, August 07, 2006

Mad dash to the gas!

OMG! Did you hear about the price increase again???? Mom told me it's going up a quarter this week. Is this necessary? I don't think so. But what are we doing to reduce the cost? Are we conserving fuel? Are we walking, carpooling, staying home??? For most it's a big fat NO. But we really need to try to do these things or we'll dig ourselves in deeper.

I did an eensy weentsy bit today by setting the thermostat a bit higher (which I know Scott will decrease when he gets home) and I took my bike to the post office instead of jumping in the van to go. This accomplished 2 things. . . ok, 3 things - saved on gas, got me exercising & got my package mailed. Yeah!

Mini blinds. . . Who the hell invented these things without an easy clean method? UGH! What a P.I.T.A.!!!!! We have many of them, as you might already suspect. They have been cleaned probably just once in the past 8 years that we've lived in this house. I'm totally considering just tearing them all out & replacing them with something else. Or heck, replace them with cheap blinds. It would be worth the money to save the time & hassle. I know, we'll go vertical instead. Those are not nearly as hard to clean. Now I know why people use pull shades yet. I'm probably going to have to look into something new. We're definately not putting mini blinds into our new house.

I need some motivation. Or maybe it's just coffee because I should be motivated as all get out to get this place cleaned up. Seems like I get more motivation when I can't possibly get things done - a.k.a. - when I have small children who need my attention. I love my kids. I just wish they could function independently alongside me. It's great to be needed but I have my breaking point.

I'm on call right now. . . so the kids are at daycare. I will pick them up once I know Scott is on his way home. My luck would be that I'd go to pick them up & immediately upon getting in the door the phone would ring & I'd have to bring them back to daycare because I got called into work. Then Scott would have to waste more gas coming to my work to exchange vehicles before picking them up. Oh the joys! Of course, he could walk to pick them up. Hmm. . . I'll have to suggest this if I do get called in prior to him coming home. We'll see how that flies. I could end up working until 11 PM or so depending - I'm on call until then.

I need to go whip up a brew to pipe some caffeine in. No more procrastination!

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Tanya said...

I'm with ya on the mini blinds, Jen! We had those in our old place and I wouldn't have them again for anything. What a pain. =P