Saturday, August 05, 2006

Spencer's First KISS!

This picture is from the Porkie & Pancake thing with Scott's family - my 3 boys are the ones on the right: Spencer, Parker & Carter - how cute are they???

It happened today - let it be recorded that on August 4th, 2006, Spencer Borley - being of the ripe age of 5 1/2, was kissed by a 7 year old girl on the nose & the cheek. Parker says, "They're girlfriend & boyfriend because she likes to get along with him." Spencer says, "well, I'm not going to marry her, but I might. I just don't know yet." How cute is that?

My little boy is growing up. But not too quickly. I love it when he says, "Mom, I'm only little for a little while." Of course, he gets this from me. Or at least he did. . . and now he states this so matter of factly when I say no to him. Or he'll say, "But you're the best Mom & I love you." Actually, what he'll do is this: he'll say, "You're the sweetest, best Mom. Can I give you a hug & a kiss? Now, can I play on the computer? Cuz you're the sweetest, best Mom & I'm only little for a little while. . . " OK, so he's learned manipulation at such an early age. How can I say no to that?

Parker, being the younger brother, is a little less tactful. He whines, "Mommy, can I have a snack?" And of course he asks this right before supper. . . and when I say, "we're going to eat supper in 10 minutes so you can wait," he proceeds to whale this ear shattering, high pitched whine/cry that could wake the dead. He needs reminding that this is not the way to go about making me change my mind. . . .of course, I don't change my mind about this anyway. . .but that is just downright obnoxious. He usually ends up in his bedroom until I allow him to come out for supper. Oh the joys of parenting!

Carter - my little tooth cutting, walking sassy pants. He is so into getting into everything! And everything goes in the mouth. He seems especially interested in anything paper. . . he must be craving extra fiber in his diet. The boy can find any piece of paper no matter how discreetly hidden & shove it in his mouth faster than a speeding bullet. It's so fun fishing slimy paper shreds out of his mouth. And he's not afraid to bite either!

OK, so it's clearly way past my bedtime. I'm on call at 7AM & it's already quarter to 1 in the AM. I'd better get motivating to bed now. Scott already so nicely told me that I am getting up with the kids should they cry out tonight. How is that fair? No idea. Oh well. Tomorrow night is mine!

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