Sunday, August 17, 2008

This & That & Everything Else

OK, so there are TOO many things to mention in one title today.
First of all - go HERE for a giveaway from The Village Shop. She is giving away a couple really cute quilt patterns.

Second - our Anniversary Date was fantastic. We went to Big Tomatoes in Downtown Green Bay. We had never been there. It is a really cute old building & the food was pretty good. . .but the fantastic part was my "little" surprise from Scott. He gave me an anniversary band!! It's pretty amazing & totally unexpected. Oh, I did have our babysitter snap a picture of us before we went out. . . so there that is. . . I still haven't scanned a wedding picture of us to upload. After dinner we walked along the river in Green Bay & then stopped by Jimmy Seas along the river to listen to the live entertainment. We didn't stay out late.
FRIDAY!!! Wow! We went to the Brown County Fair for a short time with the kiddos in the afternoon. . .then picked up the sitter & brought them home so we could go back for the Rodney Atkins concert. Our seats were FANTASTIC!! Here's a shot of the hunky man.
We had a BLAST after the concert too. There was a local band called Grand Union. They are Fabulous! Their website doesn't really do them justice for their vocals. And the fun??? I felt like a youngster again. A little sore yesterday from dancing. . . . I'm getting too old for this. But I'll keep on trying!!!

Saturday evening we went to see my little brother's new house. They should be moving in within a few weeks. It's a VERY nice house! They are building near Lake Winnebago. . . & the bay flies get a little freaky when you light a bonfire. .. but other than that. . . it's a great spot.

We're heavy into potty training this weekend. I know, this doesn't flow well with the aforementioned topics. . . but it had to be said. This is not easy.

On a better note. . .my garden is totally rocking! Can you say ZUCCHINI??? Holy cow! I have been freezing it, cooking it & giving it away. And there's more to come! Love it! I've even harvested a few tomatoes already. Pumpkins are growing. We have so much fun checking the vines to see what's sprouted out from day to day. I even have CANTALOUPE growing!!! Corn is coming along nicely. Peppers are slowly getting there. . . I hope. I already know that next year's garden needs to be bigger. Scott is not to pleased that I want to take up more real estate with my gardening adventures. I have big plans.

I'm going to have my own clinical group this fall. This is exciting & nerve racking all at the same time. I subbed last semester but this will be my own little group. Whoa! I'll be shaping minds of hopeful nurses to be. Scary thought, huh? So that also means that I will be working my usual two twelve hour shifts a week plus the 2 clinical days. And the clinical is on the floor I work on.

My siblings & I gave our Aunt Kay a Memorial Bench last weekend. Here it is:

It's really hard to believe that Rich has been gone for almost a month already. I think it will become MORE real when the holidays come up. Actually, it will be before that even. . . when the first football game for Ashwaubenon is played. . . I think we're all going to go & wear matching shirts in memory of him. It's still surreal for us. We don't have to come home to him being gone every day like my Aunt Kay does. I don't know how I would be able to do that. But I guess nobody really does know.

I need to get a move on sewing projects for baby gifts. Holy cow! I don't have a ton of time left for some of these people. I'm going to have Scott try to make me an island type table for downstairs. I used our kitchen for cutting my latest project out - with a cutting mat covering the island of course. But I really do think we need to have something similar for downstairs. I think we also need to start to finish the basement off. . .but we'll take this one step at a time. I'm thinking we should frame up the walls for the all purpose room, drywall, plaster & paint. . . put some Pergo flooring in & ta da! Oh, that's right. . .there are other step involved in that. Not to mention the money. . . I guess we'll put that on hold for now:)


Lola said...

Happy anniversary! You two are very adorable!
So sorry to hear about potty training! I have a while before I have to go there again...

Zucchini!!! You have to watch out for that stuff! It'll take over your house. You'll start leaving it on peoples doorsteps to get rid of it!!

Bridget said...

My computer is at it again and wouldn't let me comment earlier this week so- Happy Anniversary! You both look great.
Good luck with your clinical group, how exciting!