Sunday, August 03, 2008

Forming New Habits

I've been inspired by Simple Mom blog - more specifically about forming new habits. I have been doing quite a bit of looking inside myself lately & this has forced me to look outside myself as well. (Did that make sense?)

Just a couple of days ago we instituted the clean up as you go rule found here. I'm tellin' ya. . . this Simple Mom site totally rocks! Go there! Go there now! Read it. It could be life changing. For instance. . . Friday evening after supper everyone helped clean up. We cleaned up everything. . .including the floor. No dishes were left unwashed. (OK, so we did leave the hand washed dishes to air dry. This we won't change.) And guess what? Instead of Mom having to stay inside while the 3 boys & Dad went outside for fun. . .MOM GOT TO JOIN THE FUN! How cool is that? And you know what else? No? Well, I'll tell ya. . . having all of that done before bed & waking up the next morning to no dirty dishes & a CLEAN KITCHEN was FANTASTIC! Saturday was another story during the day. . .but we're a work in progress. So far today we're doing splendidly. (don't you just love the word "splendid?")

We had some dear friends over last night - after the trip to the Urgent Care for Carter's nice little bullseye rash around a bug bite - NICE! (He got his blood drawn to check for lovely Lyme's disease) They so kindly informed me, as I boasted about my awesome garden, that I've been picking my sugarsnap peas a little too early. OOPS! (And thanks to those of you who maybe were thinking the same thing when I posted the pic of them. . .but didn't want to hurt my feelings.) So my skinny, underdeveloped peas that I was so proud of, just need a little time to mature before I snap them off the vines. OK, I get it. . .I just need to be patient! Lessons learned. We had a little chuckle from that. But they were fully impressed that I planted the garden in the first place. They have a wonderful garden that is probably triple the size of mine. They're experienced so I love their tidbits of knowledge.

We put up retractable clothes lines last week. I'm very pleased with this. Ever since I read Lola's blog & saw her mission, I've been inspired. She's also freakin' hilarious & talented. . .so I recommend reading her blog too. You don't really need to sleep, do you? Just blog hop. . . that's what I do. Seriously though, another one of my goals is to try to haul my hiney out of bed a bit earlier everyday (yes, even those non working for money type days) which will, in turn, make me go to bed a bit earlier every night. Either that or I'll end up growing horns out of my head or flying on a broom - which could be interesting. I need to restructure my days to get more done. I've read in the blog listed way up there that getting up earlier is good for your productivity. Now, I imagine that's assuming your children stay asleep until a reasonable hour?? Kid free = more productivity??? We'll see how this shakes out with my sun is barely peeking up & I'm awake type kids.

Going to Packer Family Fun Night at Lambeau Field tonight. I'm excited. We're bringing kid 1 & kid 2 but kid 3 is going to have some fun with some neighbors. He would probably not truly enjoy the Lambeau Field experience. Right now I'm debating on whether or not to bring my camera. I think I will. Much of my family will be there & I need more pictures of us together.

OKEY DOKEY then. . .time to get ready. . .

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Lola said...

Have you ever checked out She helped me get my house in order "one baby step" at a time.

We just had our lowest gas bill EVER because of the clothes line!!! And I'm glad you think I'm family rarely does!