Monday, August 25, 2008

Time to Light a Fire under my ARSE!

Sorry for being so terse (like that word? Me too.) But I really DO need to light that proverbial fire. I HAVE to get stuff done. So I must make a TO DO List & start crossing off!!!
In no particular order (because that would require more time):
1. Clear out top 2 shelves of hall closet to make room for my scrappy stuff that needs to get out of my office. Done! but I could use the whole closet!
2. Move Scrappy Stuff as mentioned above (no kidding, this needs it's own spot on the list.) started! I'm running out of space!!!
3. Organize bills. Pay bills:(
4. Clear off desk in office.
5. Clear floor in office - see #2 above for part of this. again, started. . .
6. Organize sewing stuff - see #5 for part of this as well as consider moving this entirely to basement work area. . . which require yet another. . .
7. Make a spot in basement for sewing. . . maybe.
8. Make trip to the Restore to scope out possible cabinets/islands for #7.
9. Work on & finish quilt I started for gift.
10. If #9 works out well - do another one for another gift.
11. Get application materials in for Grad school.
12. Go through boys' closets/drawers to determine clothing needs for school year.
13. Make sure all school supplies are ready.
14. Daycare schedule to daycare. woo hoo! done! Check!
15. Buy nice & comfortable shoes for teaching clinicals.
16. Check my wardrobe for potential needs.
17. Freeze more zucchini - why did I plant 6 SEEDS??? They all grew. . .
18. Get pics printed from day on the pontoon boat with Scott's parents.
19. Fix boy #1's favorite blanket.
20. Contact insurance company re: uncovered crap.
21. Buy toothpaste. . . I keep forgetting to get MY kind. (yes, still brushing with other stuff)
22. Laundry, Laundry, Laundry why is this even ON a list? It's never completely done!
23. Dishes, Dishes, Dishes done for today - yay!
24. Hire someone to do my laundry & my dishes. Yeah, right!
25. Prepare for teaching clinicals.
26. Study for BLS recert.
27. Purchase boy #3's birthday present & plan his party.
28. Enjoy the last week of summer vacation with my boys! Most Important!!!

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Lola said...

I tried to warn you about the Zucchini!!!! It will haunt you for months to come!!