Sunday, July 30, 2006

More Adventures

Today I worked on more garage sale labeling. How do we accumulate so much stuff in just 8 years. . . 8 years!!! Wow! I cannot believe that it will be 8 years this October that we've lived in this house. 8 years this August that we've been married!!! So much has taken place:

I graduated from Bellin College & passed my boards
I got a full time nursing job at Manor Care Nursing Home
Scott graduated with a Masters Degree & got a full time job at Howard Suamico Schools
Got Married
Became Home owners
I changed jobs to Interim Healthcare as a Supervisor/Case Manager
Became Dog owners
We had 3 miscarriages:(
I was a Home Interiors demonstrator
I changed jobs again to Prevea Clinic as a phone triage RN
Became proud parents of Spencer
OK, time to abbreviate:
The Pampered Chef, Parker, me at St vincent Hospital, rental unit owners, Scott 2nd Masters degree, Scott ITT Tech associate dean then Dean, Hawaii, bought 1.5 acres of land, me DePere Health Dept, me Medical Staffing Network, Disney World, Carter, me at Aurora Baycare Labor & Delivery, Sold Rental, Building plans (Wow, I've changed jobs quite a bit! Good thing I'm a nurse. I've never been fired or let go. . . I just needed to find my niche.)

HOLY Cow! And that's not even counting all of the events that have taken place in history: 9-11-01 was HUGE. . . still is. The war in Iraq. Tsunami, Katrina. . . . . it's so much in so little time.

I'm pretty proud of what we've accomplished in the past 8 years. A lot of it has been difficult. We really work on our big accomplishments. I think that makes us appreciate them so much more than if they were just handed to us. Isn't that the case with most things? I hope to instill those values into my children. I don't want them to struggle with things. . .but I want them to know that sometimes you just have to knuckle down & work to get the things you want in life.

Time to get the little one to bed.. . yet another thing that is not easy. . .but oh so rewarding:)

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