Friday, September 12, 2008

FREE Photo Printer!

Go here for your chance to win a FREE Photo Printer. It's pretty cool. But you know what is even cooler still??? The support fellow bloggers give. Don't just follow this link to win the printer. . .but read a little about the people as you follow the directions. There's a lot of love out there!!! Let's keep the world full of hope & peace.


Kori said...

Wanted to come over and say Hi.

Good luck on the win.

Thanks so much for visiting and for the lovely compliments.

Mrs. S said...

You're such a sweetie. I love the top of your blog; very cute. I also stopped by the peeky boos blog and I love those finger knitting things...that'd be awesome to learn to do.

I do hope you stop by again; I enjoyed your visit and hope you did as well. good luck in the contest.

angie said...

I so appreciated your comments on my blog........and your thoughts on the giveaway here are great. It's always so much fun to discover new blogs. I'm glad I found yours.

Anonymous said...