Tuesday, September 09, 2008

Pro Choice

I know. . .. this isn't really my political forum. BUT, this IS a big deal to me. I am VERY PASSIONATE about my stance on women's rights. When asked if I'm pro choice I reply. . .YES! I believe that every woman has the right to make a choice when it comes to whether she takes her pants off or not. Once you cross that line, you must accept whatever consequence ensues. SO THERE! Come on, People! Let's get real here! When we take on the responsibility of having intercourse we know full well that conception could take place. I know. . .there are circumstances where this choice was not made by the woman. . . and in the grand scheme of things conception does not occur for most of these cases. BUT for the percentage of those unfortunate circumstances would it make you feel better if you added another wrongdoing to the mix? Is it that little fetus's fault? Could that little life bring something wonderful to someone else's life? I think so.

I've assisted in the delivery of many babies. . .some that were under 20 weeks gestation. Obviously, those did not survive. . .but I've seen a preterm delivery of 23 1/2 weeks & a baby survived! He is still alive. I've witnessed a live birth of a under 20 weeker. . .who didn't survive. . .but it had a heartbeat at birth! That has to count for something. . . it got acknowledged with a birth & death certificate. I've seen deliveries of babies that prenatal tests showed severe handicap. . . possible poor quality of life. . . once born there was NOTHING WRONG!

So I think the Choice is clearly one that should be made BEFORE conception has the chance to take place. If I've offended anyone. . . so be it. These aren't stray animals we're talking about. . .it's human life.