Tuesday, September 02, 2008

Go To Peeky Boos. . . .

It's right over there. . . .to the right. . . . see the link? It's my new blog for my creations. So go check it out or I'll feel bad & I might cry.

There is so much to blog about. . .but I'm tired. I have a sassy bug bite on my ankle that looks kind of not good. You know. . . like it might have developed a mind of its own & decided to become infected. NICE. I needed that.

Boys started school today. I got all teary eyed when they got on the bus. You'd think I'd be OK with all that by now. They were both in school last year already. But that's OK. . . a few tears are a good thing for us girls. Then I dropped boy #3 off at Daycare & he was super clingy & cried. . . so I felt guilty for bringing him when I was going to be home. He really does wonderfully when he goes 3 days a week though. . .so we need to get him back into that swing. It's preschool too so I shouldn't feel too guilty, right?

I worked on a sewing/quilting project today again. My Mom helped me with cutting applique pieces out. I'm such a newbie at this. I can't wait to finish. I hope it turns out!

OK, so go to Peeky Boos & tell me what you think so far ------------------>

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