Saturday, September 20, 2008

HOLY CRAP - I'm still alive. . .barely

Yup, I know. . .it's been almost an entire week without a blog entry from me. I've been MIA & nearly KIA. To put it lightly. . .this week has kicked my @$$. But I'm alive. I don't know how. . .but I am. Let me just give you an abbreviated rundown of this week's happenings:
  • 1st Cub Scout Pack meeting Monday evening - solo as Scott worked late - score one for Mom as got babysitter for youngest. Split time between 2 dens - score another for Mom!
  • Stayed up late working on Quilt for cousin's baby shower this coming weekend.
  • Worked 12 + hours Tuesday & 12 hours Wednesday.
  • Last minute prep for clinical teaching Wednesday night after working all day:(
  • All 3 boys to daycare Thursday AM as Scott had to leave early - clinical started later as was Day 1 - orientation.
  • Donned the cape & painted an "S" on chest to get home prior to boy 1 & 2 getting off bus - score bonus point for picking up boy 3 from daycare & still making it home in time.
  • Cleaned up the messes made by aforementioned boys & their father from Tues & Wed while I worked later, did 2 loads of laundry, prepared supper, helped with homework, bathed boys & picked my Mom up to stay overnight all before 8 PM!
  • Stayed up pretty darn late getting work done for clinicals Friday.
  • Up at 5 AM to get ready for clinicals. Yay for having Grandma here to get boys off to bus & daycare.
  • Home, with boys, by 3PM. Homework conquered prior to Dad getting home around 4 PM.
  • Crashed by 7:30 PM. . . . slept like a ROCK!!!!
  • Made taco dip for best friend's baby shower today - & got there a few minutes late. . . but hey, I got there. Girl time watching friend open all those cute gifts.
  • Home with family this evening. .. working on final stitching of binding for quilt that needs to be finished tomorrow!!!
  • Now I'm blogging. . . & you know why I haven't had a chance to this week. ...
  • Making taco dip in the AM tomorrow for cousin's baby shower. . .hopefully will have quilt finished!!!!

I omitted many details. . . . I know. . . how is that even possible?? I need to go iron my red cape & get my red "S" paint ready for tomorrow. I should go to bed before I fall over. . .


In Blog-land My Name is Lola.... said...

Pack meetings...BOOO!! I'm a bear den leader right now, and with 4 little boys I know that I have MANY more years of Pack night fun ahead!! yikes!

Blissful Nikki said...

dang girl, you need somt ZZZZZ's!!!

* TONYA * said...

Wow. No wonder you've had no time for blogging. You go super mom!