Wednesday, March 19, 2008


I'm regretting the GS incident last night. Getting out of bed this morning was NOT an easy task. Now whether that is from the aches in my body from the great Wii workout on Monday or the cookies taking their toll. . .I'm not sure. But either way, it's workout day again! I'm being sidelined slightly by my almost 6 year old, Parker, who is home today not feeling so great. I think he may need a little Mom time more than he's ill. . .but that's OK. Right now he & Carter (2) are watching a Pokemon movie in the living room. That's where the Wii is. . .so I need to occupy myself with other "important" duties like blogging.

I also have to fill out my NWTC application online today. I've kind of been hired already to sub for clinicals in OB - just need to officially apply now. Tee hee. Love the backwardness of it all. I'm excited to do this. Scott is excited because he really wants me to get out of the 12 hour shift work & into teaching somewhere with State benefits. What a dreamer! I'd need to get working on my Master's degree. . . not sure I'm ready for that yet. I love being a labor & delivery nurse. And as long as I get my body back in shape I should be able to perform my duties for quite a while yet. Wouldn't want to get too soft!

Maybe I'll get to work on some of my creations today! I have so many pieces of fabric either in jeans/corduroy form or pieces I've collected. . . they need some sewing action! I also need to alter a couple of tops so that I don't need to keep yanking on them to keep my bra from showing! Oh the joys! Maybe I just need bigger boobs! Ha!

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Bridget said...

Love your blog! I had to laugh at your last paragraph- I too am "chest challenged" and have the same shirt problem.