Sunday, March 23, 2008

Plastic Packaging!!!!

Plastic packaging. . .you know the type. . . with the heat sealed edges??? Not the SOFT packaging, the hard, cannot rip open type. . . it's royally pissing me off lately. I've incurred multiple cuts to my hands & fingers as a result of trying to open these crazies. I can't take it anymore. I might start a petition. . HA! Or maybe I should sue for physical harm & emotional distress. I mean, really. . . how much protection do these things need? Why not just put a lock & key on them or inbed an ink torpedo in them for anti shoplifting protection?

I digress. . . anyway. I opened the Tag-a-long that I thought was such a screamin' deal from Shopko the other day. I really don't see myself using this much - probably as much as the Quickutz that I have. . . which is just about never. It's all good in theory. . but when you have to cut your paper to that small of a width & mess around with all of the parts. . plus you have to purchase different dies to put through it. I just don't see myself using it. I might have to sell it. I should sell my Quickutz too.

Happy Easter. I need to get to bed. I work Monday & Tuesday. . .so I'll get back here soon.

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barbara burkard said...

i'm in the bagstobragabout group. (just so you know i'm not a random maybe i am..)....oh i HATE that packaging too!!! lovely purses!!!! I see you are also in wisconsin...i'm in west allis....