Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Blue Corduroy

Here is my Blue Corduroy Creation. I didn't follow a pattern for this. I just winged it. The lining & belt are made from leftovers that I had from a skirt from last summer. The handles are made from a pant leg. I had some issues with the lining being too big so I had to adjust it. All of the pockets are usable & this comes in handy for keys & my cell phone. Where do you usually put your keys? The front right pocket! I have mine on a carabeener (sp?) so I hook them on the belt loop & put the keys in the pocket. Cell phone goes in the left front pocket & the back pockets I use if I have a coupon or what not that I don't want to go digging for later. Back pockets are also great places for business cards!

I would have liked to bling this up a bit. . .but didn't have anything on hand at the time. It's simple but sometimes that is a good thing. I think my next creation will be a more contrasting for the liner & belt. Let me know what you think:)

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