Friday, September 23, 2005

11 DAYS already!

Wow! Carter is 11 days old already! What a blur. He's doing great. I'm still adjusting to the sleep deprivation, breast engorgement & soreness & being the Mom of 3 boys. While it's the biggest joy in my life, it's also one of the biggest challenges right now. We're not exactly financially set right now & being unable to produce much income is quite a stressor for me. I don't want to wish the time away at all. This is our last baby so I really want to enjoy it to the fullest.

The 2 older boys are at daycare today. Yesterday was so challenging as it was raining so they were stuck in the house all day for the most part. Spencer is having some adjustment issues I think. He has been touchy over the past week. I'm sure it's because of all of these transitions. They are so sensitive to these things at these ages. I try to spend special time with all of the boys, but of course, most of my time is needed with Carter. I try to incorporate the older boys' help whenever possible to make them feel part of this. Sometimes that works great.

Scott is also preparing to be gone for a few days for work. I know the boys are anxious about that. I am as well. While I have help if needed, I don't like to call on people for it all that much. I know I should. I guess part of it is that I don't really want to be on their schedules. You know how that is when you ask for help but really would like it between this time & this time?? Then when the person you ask is only available for another time frame you kind of get thrown off anyway??? I hate to inconvenience someone else, however, if I need the help during a certain time that's when I need it. OK, enough whining.

I knew that energy spurt I got earlier this week wouldn't last long! Not to mention, we're running WAY low on food here. I just need to rest - and during the time the older boys are at daycare, I don't exactly want to run to get groceries. If I do an errand during this time I get no rest at all. Then when I pick them up it's go time again. Scott has to work until at least 6 PM tonight & then he returns for 7 AM tomorrow. This next week will prove to be my most challenging.

I have so many more thoughts going through my brain right now. But I should really go nap!

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Michelle said...

get that rest while you can Jen. You'll adjust.. the boys will as well. Sometimes it just takes a little time. I had those 3 girls and then 3 boys.. I know your pain :) Hang in there.. and everything looks better when you've had some sleep!