Thursday, September 01, 2005

It's Go time ANYTIME Now

Tell that to my cervix! It is not budging! I keep saying to this little man, "Go toward the light!" He isn't cooperating - OR, he's trying, but the door is still kind of bolted.

Scott came home from work to bring me to the doctor - who's office is right in the hospital. Glad I didn't go to Labor & Delivery. Don't need any unneccesary bills right now. Dr. Winburn was sympathetic - saying I was most likely in Latent Labor & it could progress at any time or linger for a couple weeks. ACK! No way Jose' - NOT going to linger long. She gave me methods of stimulating oxytocin - I won't go into too much detail here but a big one involves Scott.

So I am at home once again. .. . . .waiting. . . .considering hiring out my services to mow the neighborhood's lawns. Heck, I think I can come up with something else now. My floors should probably get scrubbed. The little guys are still gone - my neighbor picked them up from daycare & took them on a bike ride. They're not home yet so we're here alone. Might need to work on one of those methods:)

My mother was so sure I was in labor. I guess deep down I knew it wouldn't be the real thing yet. As much as I want it to be - I figured there has to be much stronger pain involved before it's real. Boy is he working on my pelvis though! Not kidding, I think he's springing off of it!

Oh, thought I'd share this: I finished mowing the backyard this morning - and Scott was going to get me on the camcorder mowing the lawn as part of this little man's first tape - well, he put the tape in & the thing jammed up. So now we don't have a useable camcorder!!! We stopped at Best Buy - where we bought it 4 years ago in June - & they charge $55 just to send it out!! Of course, the manufacturer's warantee expired in JUNE! I swear they put timers on these things to self destruct as soon as the warantee expires. It's a conspiracy.

I must go work on something. Sitting is driving me crazier!

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Layla said...

ok its the 3rd and I haven't looked at blogs for a couple days cuz I was sick and now see you haven't updated! Did ya go? Jen? Are ya there????? You should wait til tomorrow ya know! Its my Garretts 7th birthday!