Thursday, September 08, 2005

A Bit less anxiety

Had my doctor appt today. Still pretty much the same. I'm a good 2 cm now instead of 1-2cm. Forgot to ask if I'm any more effaced. But I go in Monday morning to get things rolling so I'm much more relaxed than I have been. I'm also much more comfortable today. I think maybe the weather has something to do with that. Seriously, we got a good rain yesterday & I'm sure the atmospheric pressure has something to do with it. I know, I can be kind of strange.

I hope to get some things done this weekend. We have our block party on Sunday. My parents' anniversary is Saturday. Mom thinks I should have this little man on Saturday. I'm for it if it happens. We'll see!

I hope to be able to figure out how to add pics to this blog soon. I have pics of me mowing our neighbor's lawn the other day. Not the most attractive pics of me. . .but oh well!

Okey dokey. Almost time to pick up the boys.

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