Saturday, September 24, 2005

Sleep? What's that?

Last night was hell. Little man decided that I wouldn't get to sleep last night - like at all. This is the part about being the food source that is incredibly difficult. I'm temptrd to do the pumping only thing - but that is actually more inconvenient for me during the day. I have the milk all ready as is & no need for bottles!

So anyway - I'm sure I ate something that didn't agree with him. He has never fussed that much! I need to be a good girl from here on out to keep me & him feeling good.

Not likely that I'll be attending Scott's cousin's wedding tonight. Scott can go with the 2 older ones. I'm sure there will be some disappointment from that on behalf of my in laws - but you can't please everyone. Besides, I think they can understand not coming 12 days after giving birth. Of course, Scott thinks I should be able to do it. I'm just thinking that it's not worth the stress.

Okey dokey - time for ME to eat.

By the way - STILL unable to figure out how to get pics on here!!!!

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Michelle said...

Hey Jen hope you were able to get some rest. You needed to stay in.. it takes a awhile for your body to adjust after giving birth. But you know that.. if only men knew