Thursday, September 29, 2005

He's Home

Scott got home last night. I survived since Sunday being a single mom of 3 boys under 5!!! You know, I realize I COULD do it if I had to - but I wouldn't want to. There is no way I'd ever catch up with laundry!

I also realize that having a baby that is just a couple of weeks old isn't the easiest thing to do on your own when you have 2 other children who are fairly young yet themselves.

I may have to return to work in just a couple short weeks. Our finances are just not looking good. I was off for 2 weeks prior to having Carter - so I've been off for 4 1/2 weeks already now. It's killing our checkbook. I was so hoping to be able to be off for longer. Oh well. I must do what I must do. I can start out by taking the 4 hour shifts at Urgent Care. They'll be from 4 PM til 8PM - so Scott will be able to be home. I'm not sending Carter to daycare until I absolutely have to.

I've also decided that I'm not bringing him to Well Baby checks with the MD. I bring him to the chiropractor & I can check his weight there. Since we're not vaccinating him & he is thriving, there is no reason to go to the MD. I know many people have differing opinions on this. And I don't want to start a huge debate on this blog - but this being my 3rd child. I've kind of got this figured out. The doctor was making me feel very inadequate last week. I don't see the need to subject myself to that kind of stress. And, they're always running late! It's a waste of my time & since I ensure his well being in many other ways - we're all good.

Speaking of the little man. . .he's got his days & nights mixed up! Unfortunately, this will take a bit to remedy. It happened with the other 2 as well. You know what they say. . .never wake a sleeping baby. But he is so cute:) I just adore him. I want to cherish every moment.

Spencer & Parker are having some adjustment issues I think. They love him dearly - that's good. They just get a little bent out of shape that Mom's attention is not completely on them.

Speaking of the other 2 - they're now home. I need to run to the post office. Good! I can go by myself!

Talk to you later.

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