Monday, April 07, 2008

Inspired to Scrap!

I need to get back to my scrapping! My supplies & pictures are just sitting there (many in digital limbo) awaiting my clever hands & mind. Of course, I have a curious & ambitious 2 year old who would love to "help" me create. And I have my lack of motivation lately. . .I think I need to knock that lazy self right off her butt!

I'm reading Body by God right now. . .well, not right this second as I'm typing. But you get the point. . . I will let you know what I think. So far, I've read that there is a difference between inspiration & motivation. I need inspiration first & then will come the motivation. So my inspiration is my kids & wanting to tell our story. Gotta work on the motivation & light that proverbial fire under my butt.

I believe that I need to clear the clutter first! I'm always inspired/motivated when I see those fancy, awesome, cool scrappy spaces like: & so maybe if I can just get organized. . . . HA! How many times have I mentioned THAT??? It is true, clutter in the environment indicates clutter in the mind. . . and less productivity. Of course, I cannot life heavy objects today (excuses, excuses) as I wrenched my back (seriously, I have already gone to the chiropractor today & have another visit Wednesday morning). So, I will do what I can to get the other things done so I can get my crap together this week!

OK, enough whining. . .I must to check on the 2 year old. He is eating his "wunch" right now. I should eat too. . .but my appetite is not so good. (perk to the injury? doubt it! The cookie I ate not too long ago was NOT a good choice!) I will Clear My Clutter!!!! And I'll take before & after pics to prove my journey!

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Bridget said...

I need to clean my space. I have a mix of sewing and scrapping all thrown together everywhere and I really should do something about it... one of these days ;o).

Hope your back feels better soon!