Thursday, July 13, 2006

2 down - many to go!

I've decluttered the Living Room & Boys' Bedroom so far. Holy Cow! My boys have WAY too many toys. I've relocated many toys from those locations to the basement. . .which needs its own decluttering done. . .another day for that one. I've also removed things that will be sold or donated. I need to find a spot to hide this box or my work will be for naught. Toys that are removed from the others have this interesting trait of being much more interesting than anything else - thus being thrust back into the general collection.

As parents we should really take advantage of this during the holidays & birthdays. Do you think it would work to just repackage what we already have? I'm so glad we decided to do the 3 gift rule for Christmas. Each child gets 3 gifts from Santa/us for Christmas. That way they still have things to open Christmas morning & we're not overwhelmed with WAY too much stuff. OK, maybe we still are because nobody else follows these rules. In fact, they get WAY more from Scott's parents than they do here. We need to implement rules for them this year. I'm sure they'll love that! They're not all to fond of us setting limits for them when it comes to grandparenting. But I guess I understand that. . .we just need to train them on quality vs quantity. . . enough said there.

OK, back to work. I've got my groove going & I don't want to lose it!


Michelle said...

my you've been a busy bee :) I'm doing the same thing here..and I made the boys throw out toys too.. they don't even play with them anymore.. I just didn't look while they did it.. I didn't want to know! Good luck on the toy containment :) I had 6 kids.. I know the way toys multiply! But hey I have grandchildren now too..and I love buying THEM stuff.. HA HA HA..

Amy W. said...

om-goodness i have a little boy who keeps dragging out stuff i have set aside to get rid of so i totally know what you mean. what the??? they never touch these toys for a year or more and NOW they want 'em? sigh. lol :>

Betsey Terry said... wanted to come to the San Francisco area for a little summer vacation? My apt is in SERIOUS need of declutttering!! Please help! Great job!!